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User Info: DocDelicious

5 years ago#11
Ordered from Best Buy. More because I've had good experiences with their shipping speeds than the bonus. Though...I'm now thinking about going to the Walmart down the street and picking it up at midnight. I'll still get the armor n I can always just keep the extra copy, return it to best buy or give it to one of my friends/coworkers.

Idk...depends how impatient I'm feeling that night. I have a two week vacation that starts the Saturday before so I'll prolly already be pretty bored. One of the few people that's lucky enough to have a job I love (operations supervisor and scanning & routing specialist for UPS) n don't know what to do with myself when I'm not there. Definitely looking forward to two straight weeks of DD though :-D.
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User Info: hathejoker

5 years ago#12
I've only have a few negative experiences with Gamestop so I think I'll pre-order from them.
FC in my quote
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User Info: EtherRush

5 years ago#13
Bobble head sounds like the best.

But I preordered from Amazon and had release-day shipping. Cheapest, no tax, and I'll still get it on release date!

Edit: When I ordered, it was like $57.99 + $0.99 (release-day shipping). Now it's back to $59.99.

User Info: Dart_Feld7

5 years ago#14
Gamestop imo esp. with the news of the rc shop.

Also it comes with an extended list of exclusive items at a shop in Gran Soren, the main city. - Dragon's Dogma

User Info: TwinDaggers

5 years ago#15
Do you get all 3 bonuses in the UK ?
Both these places have them all listed in the product descriptions.'s-Dogma---PlayStation-3/003736096,default,pd.html

User Info: DaHuddMan

5 years ago#16
I'm wanting the exclusive pawnshop items from gamestop. Even if they're lame or in small quantity....they can't be much more lame than the other bonus weapons and armors.
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User Info: DarkianMoon

5 years ago#17
I'm sticking with Amazon. They haven't disappointed me yet.

User Info: megablue9

5 years ago#18
Going with amazon as well free shipping and no tax is a +. Its been mention not entirely sure its been confirm that the bonuses will eventually be dlc so if I really want these bonuses i'm willing to shell a bit of extra cash for them. The weapon pack is pretty decent should last a while till reaching the main city.
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User Info: USAF_Captain

5 years ago#19
You guys do realize you get a $10 dollar credit with Amazon for their pre-order bonus right? Since all the in game bonuses suck anyway why not go for the free (real money) cash?

User Info: Falthin

5 years ago#20
TwinDaggers posted...
Do you get all 3 bonuses in the UK ?
Both these places have them all listed in the product descriptions.'s-Dogma---PlayStation-3/003736096,default,pd.html

We do seem to be getting the three bonuses, which is nice aswell btw.

BUT we have to wait a couple more days for the damn game.

and the bonuses are only very early game stuff - not useful for long it seems.

The rift crystals for better starting pawns will be the most useful I think.
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