This or Diablo III?

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User Info: boy_luck

5 years ago#1
What would you guys get? I don't have the economic wherewithal to buy both, so I'm gonna have to decide whether I buy this or Diablo III.

Also, I think you have to pay a monthly fee to play Diablo III online, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, which one would you choose?
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User Info: hathejoker

5 years ago#2
I've never played Diablo games cause I'm not a PC gamer, so I'll be buying this.
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User Info: iEnix

5 years ago#3
Diablo III is box only, no monthly fee.

I would get Dragon's Dogma over Diablo III. Diablo III if you have friends playing.
I canceled my CE of D3, but not for this game. ;0

User Info: Nephandu

5 years ago#4
I heard really bad things on reviews about Diablo III from fans of the series... seems like a loot fest with no story and you seem not be able to even customize your character. You cant choose where your stats go as well, they're assigned automatically. They complained it to be too easily as well, since enemies drop "health kits" after death often, so they dont even need to use potions.

Those were the main complaints about the Beta version, but I think the real game should be at least harder. Idk if funnier. I dont enjoy clicking games anymore so I'll pass. I prefer DD's landscape and actual-sized characters instead of miniatures, too.

User Info: Dart_Feld7

5 years ago#5
If you have a gaming PC and are a Diablo fan then D 3.

Otherwise, DD imo. - Dragon's Dogma

User Info: chaostdk

5 years ago#6
buy d3, sell ingame stuff for rl moneys, then buy dd. bam, you now own both games.

User Info: Fallen_Rayean

5 years ago#7
Auction house for RL money in D3 feels like a giant Pay to win scenario for me; then again I'm not a fan of D3's -must always have an online connection to play- thing either, but that's just me...will miss the D2 days of gaming on the go on a laptop and the like.
I'd rather go with Dragon's Dogma to be honest...besides, they contain fairly different types of gameplay and that alone should be a guiding matter for you on whether or not you prefer the Action sequence hack and slash or the point and click lootfest rpg.
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User Info: PKMNsony

5 years ago#8
I was going to buy D3 just because I had nothing to get... but then I gave the Dragon's Dogma demo a chance (after ignoring the game for months) and I'm now getting this day one. I wasn't really digging the D3 open beta anyway.

User Info: TriangleHard

5 years ago#9
Get diablo 3, because you can earn yourself enough money with that game to buy this game

User Info: SolaceIX

5 years ago#10
I am getting both because I'm a Diablo fan and a high fantasy fan.

That being said, I think you should go with DD. Character customization and the vast environment seem to be pretty awesome. That and the whole climbing on top of a dragon's back to stab it in the neck is a pretty cool concept.

Though that doesn't mean you shouldn't get D3 later. The stat thing, no character customization is true. However, it seems like their taking a pretty cool approach to skills and such. Something more akin to what GW2 is doing. What with having mouse clicks handle offensive skills, then skills 1-4 are designed for defensive etc...

I've actually seen (through much video coverage) a LOT of different character builds that focus on a lot of different things. For instance, all the skills have different runes that can modify the skill to do something slightly different than the normal version. Kind of cool.
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