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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#91
Pretty sure dual-casting has been mentioned before. Works with some high rank Sorcerer spells, they sync up and cast at the same time. Can also do it with 4 casters.

Quest Guide

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User Info: Jonexe

5 years ago#92
Here's a Stat Planning Tool I made that may help people using this FAQ (and the min/maxers out there). This incorporates the values found in your stat guide .

Essentially you pick your base class at the top, then add in the levels of each class down the bottom. For levels 11-100, you use the left, for levels 100-200 you use the right. It will do all the necessary calculations to give you your final stats to the right of the base stats. All of the calculations should be correct... though I'm not sure if turning level 100 counts as pre-100 stat growth, or post. It's currently set for pre... if it's post it's an easy fix.

It's not very fancy, it doesn't take into account augments, and there's probably a lot more that could be done with it... but it's the best I'm able to do without some help in Excel. I hope it helps. Please, let me know what you think.

In order for it to work properly, you need to do the follow:

1. Click "File"
2. Click "Download As"
3. Click "Excel"
4. Open the Excel file
5. Change you base class from the drop down at the top
6. Add you character levels at the bottom
6a. For levels 11-100, use the right hand set of classes
6b. For levels 100-200, use the left hand set of classes

Dragon's Dogma Stat Planner:

User Info: SpeCiFic_

5 years ago#93
Hey i made a beast elf mage really good for support and magic been working him out.
PSN - SpeCiFic_
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User Info: Jonexe

5 years ago#94
Since it won't let me edit my original post...

It seems my Stat Planner doesn't keep the class drop down list when you save it via Google Docs; so here's an alternate download link at Mediafire.

Dragon's Dogma Stat Planner

User Info: TheLeapist

5 years ago#95
Why hasn't this been posted as a guide to the FAQs section?

User Info: Bleu

5 years ago#96
Just wanna say thanks to Valor phoenix and all of you guys for all of the invaluable info, kudos to you all
PSN: ReinBleu2nd. DD Pawn: Eclair - Ranger (Scather/Utilitarian)

User Info: kriirk

5 years ago#97
Finally truth (?) about gifting equipment limitation (getting rock):

Sisainn posted...
When you do the "exploit" and load your backed up save, the game then sends information and more importantly game timestamps to the server when it accesses it. This causes the server who has already had previous timestamps from your PSN account on the game to read that your in-game timestamp is no longer what was already sent in and stored in the temp server storage.

Therefore the server puts your game status in an un-giftable state (You can't gift or receive gifted equipment) for a time period. This can range from minimum 24 hours or more depending if you try to gift again during the wait period. (It may/may not reset). This is so you can't just spam give things to other accounts simultaneously. The exploit works. But it's a once a day type of thing. If your gonna load from backup save, make sure you send everything you need to send for that day lol.

A way to know when you can gift again is have another account that HASN'T loaded a backup save to send you a piece of equipment to test. You'll know you can gift because you won't receive that gift until the waiting period is over. Therefore you will know your waiting period is up.

Easy ur grinding:

konamix666 posted...

Use that method to bring the Offline UR-Dragon down to the last heart that is EASY to reach, like the base of his foot.
Leave the area.
Switch Vocation to any other you like.
Come Back in.

The above is also nice for dragonforging *** items of other class e.g. warrior. Also, if you backup your save to USB when just about to fight ur 2nd time, you can reload that save until you get the loot or dragonforging you wanted.

I made a Chamber of Hope map with loot list:
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: Legal13uds

5 years ago#98
thanks for all the help on here & through PSN Valor_Phoenix.

User Info: DarkD3stiny

5 years ago#99
good FAQ :)
(Q) Whats the difference between a hacker and a booster? (A) They both use different unlegit methods to "achieve" the same goal.
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