How do I kill the Ogre in the Everfall? (Spoilers)

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  3. How do I kill the Ogre in the Everfall? (Spoilers)

User Info: VirusChris

5 years ago#1
OK, while I was venturing into the Everfall cavern under the Pawn Guild located in the city where His Grace lives, I've encountered a giant monster that I thought it was a Cyclops until I got a closer look to it and it wasn't.

I looked around and apparently that was an Ogre, which makes sense however how do I kill the beast? No matter how many times I've shot at it, its health was going down but when one of the Pawns I hired cast Ice powers on my Strider's Bow and notice the Orge has its torso frozen and thought that was the Ogre's weakness and keep on attacking.

It was futile as nothing really changed and so, after getting 80% of my life knock out from one attack, I simply fleed to deal with it another time to continue with the Everfall Quest with investigating the bottom of it and the light.

After that Tentacle Monsters pop out of the ground like daisies and noticed after a few seconds I'm not really do a lot of damage and more sprout so I booked it... plus the Quest Update told me to report back to the Quest Give.

Seeing as I don't think going back is a good idea, seeing as the Tentacle Monsters are probably still there so tackling the Ogre again with a new plan wouldn't work with them getting in the way.

Was there anyway of defeating the Ogre there? I feel like just shoving the damn thing, or having it charge, right off the cliff and let it fall to its death... it is a ways away to the ground and I doubt even an Ogre will survive!

PS: Also, what's up with the Ogre getting excited upon seeing females? It lonely or something?
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User Info: cyjake111

5 years ago#2
you can't. after a certain % in health, it'll run off to death. you could also run away from it all the way to the bottom. i hope you have stamina restoratives
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User Info: ArriOnrpg

5 years ago#3
Honestly, my first playthrough I tried fighting it a few times and died all of them, so I just said "screw it" and ran past him. That's really the beauty of this game: Is something to hard? Run away and come back later!

Of course, every other time I've ran into him he's committed suicide to falling off the edge >_>

Also, about your PS. I dunno, maybe?

User Info: Semnador

5 years ago#4
You can kill it, but I was a level 48 mystic knight at the time. (I did a ton of leveling and gear farming as soon as I hit Gran Soran.)
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User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

5 years ago#5
It is indeed possible to kill them, but they are a bit of a pain. One thing you absolutely need to be wary of is climbing onto it - the ogres have an attack where they jump into the air and land on their back. That move one-shotted me.

Also, ogres (especially the one in Everfall) get more ferocious around women and attack them more exclusively.

Since you've gotten out of Everfall, you won't need to go back for a loooooong time, so don't worry about it. Besides, you'll likely find another ogre in a future quest (trust me).

Funny thing is, all my pawns say they're stronger than cyclops monsters, but the cyclops is more of a boss-class and has a buttload more health.

User Info: nickizgr8

5 years ago#6
Mine fell off the side of the stairs and died.

User Info: Dart_Feld7

5 years ago#7
Yes, you can defeat that Ogre.

I've done it on both my playthroughs at level 15ish. My ranger playthrough was a bit more difficult for this task(due in part to my pawn and I being barebones warriors at the time for augment reasons).

On my mage playthrough, it was a cakewalk. My main pawn and I constantly stunned and staggered the ogre with levin and managed to create opening for my warrior pawn to knock it over. Exploiting it's weakness or just keeping it stunned/staggered/knockdowned makes it much easier and can completely bypass its enraged phase.

You could just lead him off the edge like a bull though.

You can go back to Everfall btw, the tentacles won't be there.

Also Ogres are sexual predators.
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User Info: gatz900

5 years ago#8
what class are you? if you are a mage/sorc and have levin/high levin you cant just stun push it off the cliff.

User Info: Supernautus

5 years ago#9
I beat it by shooting at it with arrows from one of the little alcove things, eventually I got close enough that it tried to charge at me, and instead fell down two floors to the ground.

User Info: EnigmaDurzo

5 years ago#10
Its the same as another ogre. Stab it in the butt with a high knockdown move. It falls over rinse repeat. It not that hard. Beware its rage mode though at low health. When that happens and you dont have him knocked down then you just shoot him in the face with arrows and he will die.
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  3. How do I kill the Ogre in the Everfall? (Spoilers)

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