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User Info: TheGreatPapaya

5 years ago#1
So yea I finally decided to go see the duke but after noticed that some (or all?) of my unfinished quests will be taken over by someone else (cancelled I assume) so anyway I need a wake stone for a dead kid and pawns says its in everfall but I don't see it after searching so if someone could help plz?
PSN: TheGreatPapaya
MP = Magic Points (come on ppl y'all should kno that)

User Info: Fallen_Rayean

5 years ago#2
He gives you two Wakestone shards, and you can buy a third from Fournival or the man from the Black Cat shop; The three turn into a wakestone.

And as for your pawns saying search the everfall, are they like high level pawns or what. The Everfall does have Wakestones and shards....but not until.....some time later at which you can't do that quest.
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User Info: Sunricer

5 years ago#3
I believe you can find one next to the (for lack of better words) metal bowl at the bottom. Search that area, I think I found one there once. I definitely had a stone when I took on that quest.

User Info: TheGreatPapaya

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the replies I found a shard at the bottom of ever fall so I got 3 so do I have to combine them or does "it" just happen
PSN: TheGreatPapaya
MP = Magic Points (come on ppl y'all should kno that)

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