im gonna buy a new ps3 game, why should i choose THIS gane?

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  3. im gonna buy a new ps3 game, why should i choose THIS gane?

User Info: ironlunz949

5 years ago#1
Current owned game
ME2 & 3
Saints row the third

So what's the 411 on this game? Is it that good

User Info: Tallon90

5 years ago#2
yes that is all that needs to be said
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User Info: Ivajosh10

5 years ago#3
You probably wouldn't like this game if the only games you own are shooters :o
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User Info: ShaDowHunTer458

5 years ago#4

User Info: lubmelubyou

5 years ago#5
It is the best fantasy walking simulator on the market.
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User Info: maximus8250

5 years ago#6
If you don't buy this game, your babies will be born naked.

User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#7
it's an RPG that has not frozen once since i bought. seriously, i can't remember the last time i played a stable rpg with a great combat system that works as intended.

if you like skyrim, you owe it to to yourself to play a game that was finished before being released. skyrim offers a rich world to explore, but DD is a better game fundamentally.

User Info: JackSolomon

5 years ago#8
It's not for everybody. If you like great action games, you'll love this. Judging from the games you listed, you seem more like a third person shooter kind of guy. Maybe you'd get something out of the ranged classes, but judging from those two games, I can't make a completely accurate judgement.
Regardless, this game is defined by 'don't like it, try something else'. You don't like the skills your using? Try something else. Don't like how long it takes to kill something? Try something else. Don't like your class? Try something else. Don't like your pawns? Try something else. It's entirely up to you how you want to play.
You want to summon down meteors and tornadoes with the wrath of a vengeful god (Hi, Kratos!)? Play a Sorcerer and put the fear into those who would oppose you. Want to snipe from afar and make enemies wonder where did that arrow come from? Play a Ranger, and do your best Hawkeye impression. Do you just want to charge in and beat the living hell out of everything like the world's most heavily armed rhino? Be a Warrior, and smash your enemies WAY below six feet under. It's all up to you.
The enemies you'll be facing draw from most of Greek mythology, and stay faithful to them. Cyclops, ogres, griffins, etc, the gang's all here. In the first hour alone you'll face a Dragon, a Cyclops, and other foes. How you face each is up to you. See a weakpoint you can't get to? Climb onto it and stab it out up close and personal. Need a bird's eye perspective? Grab a harpie and get high. Drop from above to surprise your enemies like Ezio only wishes he could. Or just stay from afar and blast it out.
I haven't even touched on the Pawns. Each person who plays is allowed to completely design their own character, and their own Pawn. A Pawn is basically a soulless servant, completely obedient to your commands. Choose their look, equipment, and class to complement you. If you like charging in, slashing everything in your way, make your Pawn a mage, and have them heal you. Or switch, blast from afar while they draw aggro. You can also hire OTHER peoples Pawns, two max, who bring their own experiences and skills to full draw. If they have completed quests or fought enemies you haven't, when you run into them, they'll tell you, or even show you, exactly what needs to be done to proceed. Keep your team diversified, and nothing will catch you unawares.
PSN: Xeriam

User Info: wdstrick31487

5 years ago#9
most games nowaways feel like you know what youre gonna get when you see which studio is making it

1.most shooters in general now feel all the same and are build around call of duty's feel
2. rockstar: all their games have the same UI / control scheme / feel
3. bethsheda : the elder scroll / fallout games all play the same- they might as well be mods of the same game

dragon's dogma takes a plethora of great ideas and has executed them. the devs never said "our engine won't do this/ this isn't traditional" - they said "we want fights to be epic. how can we make them epic? let players scale the monsters, do slow-mo cameras etc"

bottom line - dragons dogma is willing to take chances and for the most part they pay off.

if you are looking for an open world action-rpg that feels like something totally new (with the best 3rd person combat available- comparable only to dark souls/demon's souls) - this is your game.
PSN: Strizzle31487

User Info: teamchris

5 years ago#10
Must be a joke topic, nobody who says 411 is being serious.
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  3. im gonna buy a new ps3 game, why should i choose THIS gane?

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