Sorcerer Vs Ur Dragon Offline in 90s

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User Info: brownsausage

5 years ago#1
I dont know if someone had already posted this video but man, this was the fastest i've seen anyone kill Offline Ur. here's the video:

Just want everyone see it. i wonder if there's one for MK lol

User Info: thainej6

5 years ago#2
thats crazy lol

User Info: brownsausage

5 years ago#3
i know! right!? lol

i really want to see a MK beat that time.

User Info: NotRoesia

5 years ago#4
Can't find the video on iPhone YouTube, will look at it when I get home.
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User Info: god_of_dragon_

5 years ago#5
Sorcerer + Holy Affinity + Autonomy + Bloodlust + Acuity + Attunement + Equanimity
Offline Ur's bane.

User Info: Sera67

5 years ago#6
Not bad, Looks like they missed a shot.

I really need to use critical with a Ranger.
It takes only a min or so as a Ranger with no critl skill. (and that is not even a Str character)
Longest part is circling around to other side to get last few hearts, lol. >_>

Thats a tough call...

Thou Sorc seems to be more laid back. Compared to actually aiming and using a Vim.
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User Info: rkzhao

5 years ago#7
sorcerer/mage is the easiest most mindless class to play vs anything other than golems.

holy affinity then just charged shots.

It's the easiest way to farm anything. You don't even need to be looking at the screen. Nothing particularly impressive really.
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User Info: DivineCrawd2000

5 years ago#8
Wow....sorcerer's are beast when built right.
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User Info: Crimson681

5 years ago#9
Even best case scenario, it still takes me 2x that long to kill with a ranger using tenfold. It could be quicker if I didn't have to climb on the back.

User Info: cylera02

5 years ago#10
enjelsama posted...
Not bad, Looks like they missed a shot.

ya, i miss some shot there.
maybe could go for 60 sec's, but i,m lazy to retry it again xD
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