Im sorry but I think this game is terrible....

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5 years ago#1
First, I would like to say that one of my favorite games of all time is, amazingly Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 2. Alongside games I like are Darksiders 1 and 2, God of War series, Dragon Age/Mass Effect, Skyrim, Zelda, Kingdom of Amalur, Dark Souls, and the Uncharted series. Now, a lot of the mechanics of this game will remind each of you that Dragons Dogma is a combination of all those games, mix em in a blender and it comes out with a formula of it's own....and it doesn't work. I tried to play through without buying these dumb rift stones or whatever they are so I didn't have to use a level 40something warrior or mage to assist me. I realized quickly that's not going to happen. You see, when your company goes into a well at level 6, spots a crocidile or two or three and attacks, the crocs will eat you and win. Why is that? Because the enemies that your about to face gives you no indication whatsoever that it's six to ten levels higher then you are. Some people like that know since in RPGs you get killed by something more powerful, the logical thing is that you go fight weaker monsters and level up........ONLY IN THIS GAME YOU CAN'T TELL WHICH FRIGGIN MONSTER BESIDES GOBLINS THAT SIMPLY WON'T JUST KILL YOU LIKE THE CROCS! My group is my group and they stick with me until the very end...........only problem is that after playing to the very end, the awesome sexy girl I made as my partner doesn't get with me, it's the hairy ugly guy in the already lackluster story. So, I'm rewarded with a hairy man.........gee, thanks. Took the game back to gamestop today. I know this is the board and I really truly did try to like this game...........but, I just couldn't do a second playthrough after I barely beat it the first time. I tried to do a second playthrough, crocs killed my group easily and it's painful to have to go through all the lackluster side storied again so.........that's that.

GAMEPLAY: 7/10 aside from big boss battles, the commands for your party and how sometimes, your party members are actually useful in a fight, not much else if going for it.
GRAPHICS: 5/10 They did a superb job on the overworld and the monsters. People and villages/cities..........not so much.
SOUND: I jammed with to the japanese punk rock song at the start...........BEFORE I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE so.............6/10
It's not the games fault you have the attention span of a squirrel.

User Info: HonooNoYari

5 years ago#2
Hehe, thanks for the review. But your sig probably applies here too.
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User Info: Ragosta

5 years ago#3
I'll say to this game what I said about Skyrim and Mass Effect 2.

Its got its faults, but whatever merits it has more than make up for them.

User Info: Murinae

5 years ago#4
You know what your "review" says to me? It says you're terrible at this game. Not that the game is terrible. Go troll somewhere else.
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User Info: SilverFang88

5 years ago#5
Don't mention Monster Hunter and dieing at the hands of Saurians at level 6, come on!
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User Info: CLock6919

5 years ago#6
Where's your sense of adventure? Where's the fun in exploring if you can easily avoid all of the dangerous monsters? And those crocs aren't too bad with a full party if you're around level ten.
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User Info: OZLDIAC

5 years ago#7
This guy probably just got disappointed that he didn't get the love interest that he wanted...a friend of mine, who convinced me to buy this game, didn't even bother playing through post game and decided that he didn't want to do anything with this game when he found out that his love interest was there.
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User Info: CBrate

5 years ago#8
Paragraphs. Seriously man, it hurts to read your words.
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User Info: shabalakazam

5 years ago#9
Wait, so you enjoy Dark Souls, but can't take on a few saurians?


5 years ago#10
Murinae posted...
You know what your "review" says to me? It says you're terrible at this game. Not that the game is terrible. Go troll somewhere else.

I'm NOT trolling. I'm not bashing this game just to amuse myself and cause others to flame me in the process, I'm actually being honest here. You got the 'somewhere else' part correct, as I will look for something else like Monster Hunter that's not.....this game. Yes, I am terrible at this game and your are very correct for saying that. I am terrible when I grab a monster, he slings him to the ground, I realize that I was already posioned in the midst of battle so I died on my way down from getting thrown by the monster. I literally reloaded sixty something times. That's a heck of a lot more times than Dark Souls, which was designed to me HARD at the start. I won't deny I'm terrible at this game, but I have the right after finishing one playthrough to state that the game sure as hell didn't help me achieve the goal of finishing it. I'm not talking about holding my hand up until a certain point but.......christ, does it have to be so dang on persistent in monsters I have already killed having to be re-killed over and over again each time I try to get from point a to point b and back again. Get real....
It's not the games fault you have the attention span of a squirrel.
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