UR Dragon Gen 128

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User Info: Alexandrious1

4 years ago#181
man got em. wow what a long ur.
Dragons Dogma Pawn: Crystaliana, high HP/Defense/Stamina Sorc/Mage. Sexiest Female Pawn of them all.

User Info: Arii07

4 years ago#182
Finally popped the cherry.
Good to finally kill one. Man GP is intense. I thought i wasnt going to kill it in time

User Info: OfficeDesk33

4 years ago#183
Just got in and killed it. Was really lucky.
PSN: OfficeDesk

User Info: SqualILeonhart

4 years ago#184
2 and a half day Ur. hardly abdnormal.

Most of the gens after 100 have been 3 day Urs
To Enjoy is to Excel

User Info: duckdiddler

4 years ago#185
Whew, glad I checked in one last time. That tail had me worried though.
PSN: DuckDiddler
Pawn: Bobbie - level 177 Strider (challenger/utilitarian) She's a climber..! Send a FR if needed.

User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#186
Man, I freakin hate tail hearts. Didn't know if I was gonna finish him off quickly enough.

Besides the usual, scored angels, dwells, and my first lusterous greatshield in 7 online kills.
PSN: nathan-hankins, Pawn: Nightshade - Female Mage/Sorcerer
PSN: nhankins7, Pawn: Belladonna - Mage ~~ PSN: nhankins777, Pawn: Morrigan - Warrior

User Info: Guyver1288

4 years ago#187
few gen already with soft GP mean I can switch to other vocation to take him down......

Manage to join the fight on time and take him down....hopefully next UR not that irritating
PSN Guyver168

User Info: tritiumrain

4 years ago#188
Thought I was going to miss this one. I took out one heart in the first round then Ur took off before I could finish him. Managed to make it back for a quick kill.

Now I got 2 Totem Mace and 2 Lustrous Greatshield in 2 online kills. 'Tis useless
PSN: tritiumrain
Pawn: Ko Ah Ra - Ranger lvl 105+
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