worth upgrading weapons?

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User Info: No-A-Body

5 years ago#11
Dragon Forging chances based on number of stars:
(Not counting Grigori and online Ur)

Drake, Wyrm etc. / Ur-Dragon

1* = 2% / 1* = 2%
2* = 6% / 2* = 10%
3* = 18% / 3* = 30%

My advice is, if you can get 3*, than go after the offline Ur. If not, then grind the Wyrm in the chamber of Distress. This is for post game though. Don't worry too much about DF through most of the game. The current gear will do just fine. If you have the means to upgrade gear a bit, knock yourself out if you like, but there won't be much worth upgrading till you're about halfway.
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User Info: neogeno

5 years ago#12
If you upgrade rusted weapons to 3 stars they get poison and topor properties.

EDIT: I just realized my post wasn't relevant to the topic...damn.
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User Info: Gsanders1977

5 years ago#13
I upgrade all my gear lol

User Info: StatusCaster

5 years ago#14
I ended up buying one step up from the starter gear, and upgrading that to 3 stars just because it was so cheap to do so

but if somethig better comes along, I won't hesitate to switch

thanks for posts
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