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User Info: TSotP

5 years ago#1
Due to the way the pawn system works anyone can go and check out your pawns skills stats gear etc.

So I thought I'd make this topic to give our Arisen's some time in the spotlight.

Just a brief description of looks. Name, class and level, favourite skills, gear. No need for an essay lol.

I'll start.

Magnus. Lvl 40 assassin (warrior at the moment for getting augments)

Tanned skin. Long, free flowing hair. A goatee. Red eyes. Slightly short but lean and muscular.

Got Abyssinal gear, Dragonleather vest, White hawk leggings, St George mask, Dragonblood ring/earring, Heavens keys and stalwart bow.

I really like sniping with the bow using lycean sight. Or failing that. 100 kisses, easy kill and invisibillity. For bosses it's 100 kisses or 5fold arrow. Blast arrows if I know gryphins are about.

Main Pawn is Morrigan

I'm working towards getting the fighter and warrior strength boosts. The mage and sorcerer magic boosts. Bloodlust and autonomy. Then, I'm sad to say, Morrigan will be going in the lake
PSN: TSotP [ Sten - lvl 65 - Warrior ] /// PSN: QuaziBeattie [ Leliana - lvl 32 - Ranger ] /// PSN: ShadowOTPhoenix [ Morrigan - lvl 39+ - Mage ]

User Info: tenchi1981

5 years ago#2
Im using a full team of rangers at the moment partly so i can use all bezal crowns for exp

But i love ranged classes ranger assaasin and magic archer are so fun

My arisian (s) 41 ranger favering sniping shots and multi arrow straight line attacks
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User Info: Tigerlyla

5 years ago#3
Finally started another+ game. My pawn is now my Arisen.

Rei is my arisen. Level139, ranger but Im planning on trying my hand on magic archer. Wears his tried and tested gear (DFed dragonleather vest, carmine breeches, golden belt, scarlet hand covers, leather circlet,heavens keys, fey whisper.

My pawn is none other than.... Lord Julien :D
PSN: Auharu
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User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

5 years ago#4
Hrm... I haven't played since two weeks after release. My Pawn is around level 80, and has been a Fighter from the start. Never changed Vocation once! His name is Solaire, and he is in full Abyssinal Armor + Ur Dragon weapons, all Dragonforged rank of course.

Praise the Sun!

EDIT: Oh gosh dangit. My brain read "Tell me about your Arisen", but I horribly mangled that and produced the above. Uhh, my Arisen is named Artorias. About mid height with a toned build. Blonde, short hair, and multicolored eyes (Blue left, Red Right). Mastery of every Vocation and learnable skill / ability.

I've taken to ditching pawns and going Autonomy. Although Artorias and Solaire make a dynamic duo, Autonomy is so much fun. The silence is great, too. I ended up "maining" the Warrio vocation. Insta-killing Chimeras and taking out several blips of Drake HP is great.
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User Info: DMNX

5 years ago#5
Aquilla. Male. Level 77 Assassin.

Slight tan. Freckles. Short hair. Lincoln Beard. Brown and gold eyes. Lower than average height. Slouchy posture.

Dragon's Pain and Fey Whisper. Forest Tunic and Hunter's Jacket. Fine Over-knee Boots and Leather Gloves. Dragonblood and Shoulder Cape.

Snipe the enemy from afar, fill them with arrow from mid range, close the distance with Cutting Wind, cut them down with Hundred Kisses, and burn them with Advanced Trigger.

Main Pawn is Bierstein, a hulking armored Fighter.

Kinda got a backstory on how my Arisen is a hunter instead of a fisher which explains how he is good with daggers and bows, while his pawn is based on his retired knight father who got killed by the Brine in a fishing accident.

User Info: mackevin06

5 years ago#6
Aldra: average height, long black hair, gray eyes. Level 50.

Right now he's a warrior for the augments and he's going to switch back to fighter after I finish with that. Right now he has the Chimera set equipped with a flamberge. As a fighter, favorite skills are Blink Strike and Dragon's Maw.
PSN: mackevin06

User Info: CheetahSmith

5 years ago#7
Sure, why not? I've got two Arisens that I like to switch between.

Ananta (Sanskrit for "Endless"). Lv. 155+ Magick Archer. Or "Blue Arisen". XD

Here's a picture instead, with a general idea of her preferred equipment, and what she looks like. She is also a slim, petite woman: only 5'3". And a major sweet-pea. Really, think Merril from Dragon Age 2, with a lot less naivete and more good sense.

Usual skill set is Hundred Kiss, Advanced Trigger, and Instant Reset for the Daggers. Magick ow has Sixfold Bolt, Hunter's Bolt and Ricochet Bolt. Sometimes switches out Hunter's Bolt for Explosive Bolt. Aim of build is have a good overall balance or magic and strength.

Rachana (Sanskrit for "Creation"). Lv 155+. Mystic Knight. "Red Arisen" XD

Again, here's a picture of her instead, with a general idea of her usual equipment when she's the Arisen. Average height, 5'6", and a very much a "tough-girl" bruiser with a much softer heart than she'll ever admit. And something of a drunk.

Usual skill set for her is Full Moon Slash, Antler Toss and Great Cannon for Swords/Maces, with Flame and Ice enchantments (forget the exact name) and Blessed Riposte as a defensive skill. The Ice Enchantment gets switched out for the Holy one as the situation may demand.

Finally, both of them together in my current play-through, for grins and giggles. Rachana is the Main Pawn now.
PSN: Esusyu
WKC 2: Cheetah * Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Rachana ( Lvl 148 Fighter)

User Info: John_Titor2036

5 years ago#8
Mine is a level 127 Assassin named Christopher(based off me), with nearly every vocation/spells/augments, currently, leveling without my main pawn, till yo reach 200.

My Arisen, Christopher

My Main Pawn, Kensy

User Info: GodsPoison

5 years ago#9
Alexandra is a "Mystic Knight" from a small fishing village, She was slain in battle when a fearsome dragon attacked her village and she bravely defended it even as the Castle Guards posted in the village fled like cowards. Despite having a massive claw jabbed through her chest Alexandra awoke the next morning to find that she was still alive, and had become an "Arisen" and immediatly set off on a quest to slay the beast that now held the land in terror.

After severing the head of a Hydra that attacked the nearby encampment Alexandra was asked to accompany her newfound trophy to the Capitol, where she met with the Duke and helped many a local in need of assitence, everything from thwarting the efforts of a strange cult to babysitting a snobbish child, and eventually became known as "The Fisher Knight" a title Alexandra accepted with pride.

Appearance wise, Alexandra is medim height, thin build with little muscle with short dark black hair and eyes. She acts as the villages own self appointed "Knight" and is covered from head to toe in scars from years of fending off Goblins and Wolves, as well as the occasional Rabbit uprising.

Stat wise she is very well balanced, having balanced strength, magic, physical, and magical defenses as well as abundant health and stamina she literally has no weakness and can adapt to any task or Job class with ease.

User Info: Baku00

5 years ago#10
My Main Arisen,

Name is Evelyn, Level 200 Magic Archer, Sixfold Bolt, Hunter Bolt,Explosive Rivet

Looks much like Lily but full ponytail and different shape of eyes
PSN: Baku666 ~~ Pawn: Lily (Level 200)[Sorc]
PSN: Lyc0666 ~~ Pawn: Serenity (Level 17)[Warrior]
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