Ur Dragon Gen 151

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User Info: Guyver1288

4 years ago#81
1.3 and 0.7 weird uR lol
PSN Guyver168 - Lvl 200
PSN Guyver_168 - Lvl 78 - mage

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#82
What with this ur anyway? From 1.? to 0.? to 1.?... Troll dragon.
I want to hug Kana Hanazawa (>o<)

User Info: Viscountsiu

4 years ago#83
Ur said,"Arisen... I know you well... "
Arisen said,"I don't know you at all, why are you still alive? I have to go to work now, see you on next generation!"

good luck for every Arisens.
PSN : Richard108 ---- Pawn : Xaphania (lvl200 Warrior) <--- Beautiful and Powerful. ;)

User Info: Asgard

4 years ago#84
The 1.4 version that has been jealously hounding me is now 1.2.
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User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#85
I keep getting 1.1s

I swear, some Gens it seems like they turn Ur's defense up to the max once he gets down to 2.5 or so.
PSN: nathan-hankins, Pawn: Nightshade - Lv 200 Sorceress http://i.imgur.com/bj5jh.jpg
PSN: nhankins7, Belladonna - Mage ~~ PSN: nhankins777, Morrigan - Fighter

User Info: DashingJimmy

4 years ago#86
1.4 still
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User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#87
Long time no playing this, looks like Ur is getting more annoying than before.
I want to hug Kana Hanazawa (>o<)

User Info: Angeloliveira18

4 years ago#88
after a maker's finger he went from 0.7 to 0.4
Artemis Level:200 Ranger Scather/Utilitarian http://imgur.com/tRSOg.jpg

User Info: manaburn876

4 years ago#89
Are you serious, this thing is still alive??? I have work till 3 you guys think you can lay off till then? I put like 10 Maker's Fingers into this guy and would like my money back . . . as well as a Talarian White :D
"That's not Selen. That's Ms Cleavage." Zyrax2301
PSN: thebiueninja/Fortenbras_DOOM Gamertag: the biue ninja

User Info: Yshnu

4 years ago#90
DashingJimmy posted...
1.4 still

That's what I left about a half hour ago. I destroyed a left shoulder heart with a Maker's Finger.
PSN ID: XARNON - Talithakoum/lvl oo magnanimous/bezel crown ranger.
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