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User Info: DashingJimmy

4 years ago#41
Sent. =)
PSN: DashingJimmy Pawn: Ellaria, Sorcerer, lvl 200 [Rank: 23]
PSN: DashingJimmy1 Pawn: Lyanna, Warrior, lvl 37 [Rank: 35]

User Info: Darklama2

4 years ago#42
I'll take a Lambient Shield if you have one left, have Liquid Vim for return
PSN: Darklama

User Info: DocDelta

4 years ago#43
Hey, mate. If you still have it, I'd be pleased to accept your Beowulf Mask.


PSN: Tocanet
Pawn: Wagnus

User Info: DocDelta

4 years ago#44
Ops, sorry for the mess.

Now that I realized the other 4 pages on this topic, I saw you already gave the Mask.

Thx anyway.

User Info: TheDrifter95

4 years ago#45
abyssal set and anything else that can help me. im a ranger and my pawn is a warrior.
my psn is: TheDrifter95
please help im stuck
i art thou, and thou art i.

User Info: kyuubi_clone

4 years ago#46
i'm new to this community. this is a great community too!
if you'd be so kind. i have a sorceror that hardly gets any rentals. i'd like a great item for my sorceror pawn. i already have dragon's wit, so i really do not need a weapon for her. a great accessory or clothing would be nice. i gave those descriptions because i am not too sure what the items you have listed actually do.
so i leave it up to you as to what will be more valuable to my pawn (or me).
i will send you the liquid vims since i have lots of them in my storage. stamina can be troublesome at times indeed.
hope you do help me out. my psn is Kyuubi_clone.

User Info: Dante069

4 years ago#47
if you still got a Abyssinal Set l could really use that my PSN is in the sig

User Info: lindaluv

4 years ago#48
If you have any Talarian whites left can you send one to MolaMadara, if not then a Volant will do for now and thnx, also if you have the abyss armor set that would be swell.
Its not just a battery, its DURACELL
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