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User Info: flik101

4 years ago#1
Based on your observations, is this gen Squishy or a Tank? - Results (11 votes)
45.45% (5 votes)
36.36% (4 votes)
Somewhere in between
18.18% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The Ur Dragon, an immensely powerful undead dragon is located in the Chamber of Lament in the Everfall beneath Gran Soren. Defeating this beast online requires multiple encounters & the combined effort of players around the world in an asynchronous form of battle: all damages done by all who fight this creature will be consolidated by the server, but you cannot see the other players who are also fighting it at the same time.

When you enter the Chamber of Lament in the Everfall or via the special Rift Stone at Starfall Bay in Cassardis, you will have a chance to battle the Ur Dragon. You will then be greeted by 3 randomly generated pawns. Kill these pawns in order to summon the Ur Dragon into the arena. You will have 8 minutes to battle the creature after which he will fly & the damage you've done will be uploaded to the server for consolidation into its global health.

When Ur is summoned, he will appear with varying amounts of Hp. Don’t be alarmed as he is not healing himself. A generally accepted theory (as proposed by some GameFAQs members) is there are 4 different Ur Dragons in 4 different servers, with their own Health Points. If one of these versions is killed, we will then enter Grace Period. There are also instances that the server redistributes Ur’s health in the case that one of the versions has a considerably lesser amount of health compared to the other versions. This is done to prevent the players from concentrating on the Ur with the lowest Hp.

The Ur dragon is weak to holy so it's best to use a holy weapon or bring a pawn that has holy boon/enchantment. You can only do damage when hitting the glowing spots (weak points) throughout its body, when you break one it drops loot. Be sure to check the color of the blood that comes out when you attack the creature. If it is purple, it means you are doing damage. If it is grey/white, you are not doing any damage. You have to maneuver yourself to the glowing spots so you will draw purple blood.

Eventually, as the players around the world continue to fight, Ur’s global health will decline. When the creature is killed by anyone, it will be set to a dead status, and we will then enter Grace Period (GP). It’s a time when you can deliver a killing blow to the Ur Dragon and earn good rewards. GP is only about 40-60 minutes so timing is vital.

When you enter the Chamber of Lament during GP, you will encounter the Ur Dragon with hardly any Hp left with some or all of its hearts lit up. You will have to destroy all of its hearts in order to kill it. Once all of its remaining weak points are destroyed, you have technically delivered a killing blow.

Grace Period is divided into two; Hard Grace Period and Soft Grace Period. Hard GP is when Ur’s hearts need to be dealt with considerable amounts of damage before it will be destroyed. Hard GP usually happens during the early part of GP. As Grace Period is nearing to its end, we will eventually have a weaker Ur Dragon with almost no hp left. This time, all of his hearts can be destroyed with a hit or two. We call this Soft Grace Period. But please note that Soft GP may not always be present in every Ur Dragon Gen; there are Gens that have no Soft GP at all.

When Grace Period is over, a new generation will be spawned and all the participants in the Ur-Dragon hunt who delivered a killing blow will have their names and play times listed in the stone tablet located inside the chamber while all those who participated in damaging UR but missed GP will have contribution rewards instead.

Disclaimer: A lot of the statements above are speculations based from observation. There is no confirmation from Capcom.
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User Info: flik101

4 years ago#2

Having a hard time killing Ur Dragon during Grace Period? Check this thread about stacking periapts!!



The infinite supply trick:

• Just before you enter the Chamber of Lament, save your game. Then proceed to fight the Ur Dragon for 8 minutes. When the 8-minute round is over, wait for the "accessing server" message so the damage that you dealt to the Ur Dragon will be uploaded to the server. When it is done, use Godsbane to reload your last save. And there you go!! Infinite supplies!!


• Contribution rewards are dependent on your saved file after you fight the Ur-Dragon. So since you did not save after fighting him, your contribution rewards (in case you missed to kill him during Grace Period) will be forfeited. If you don't care about getting petty rewards and you are sure to catch him during GP, then by all means, use this trick and fight him with infinite number of supplies!!


Strategies in fighting the Ur Dragon using different Vocations:




Ur Dragon is healing??

Capcom confirmed that HE DOES NOT HEAL. There is a generally accepted theory that there are 4 versions of the Ur Dragon with their own health points, thus the varying amounts of HP when you enter the Chamber of Lament. When one of these versions die, all 4 servers will synch and we will have Grace Period. There are instances when there is a big difference between the health points of different versions, so as to prevent the players from concentrating on the Ur with the lowest HP, the server will redistribute Ur's health.

I am not doing any damage!!

You are doing damage. It's just that Online Ur has a tremendous amount of HP and it takes a lot of players around the world to bring his HP down to zero, thus activating Grace Period. Also be sure to observe the blood that is coming out from Ur when you attack him. Purple Blood = damage, Grey Blood = no damage. Try to hit the glowing spots so you will draw purple blood.

How to prevent Ur from roosting?

Going to the west side of the chamber prevents the Ur-Dragon from roosting above a tower; while going into the ledges on the opposite (east) side of the chamber will guarantee roosting.

How to properly use the Maker's Finger:

The Maker's Finger is a special arrow that will instantly kill almost every enemy in the game. As for Ur, while it will not kill him instantly, it will deal massive damage to his HP. But you can only damage him if you hit a glowing spot or an intact heart. If you hit him on a dead heart, this will not do any damage.

You can only hold 1 Maker's Finger at any given time. After you use it, Fournival will automatically restock another Maker's Finger. Don't forge it! A forgery will never work!!
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User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#3
Grace is now over for last gen - another long one. This one seems a little tankish at first glance.
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User Info: Asgard

4 years ago#4
Went in without my optimal set-up. Bashed him down from 11.0 to 10.97. Oh yeah.
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User Info: Tropicalwood

4 years ago#5
I guess I shouldn't be getting greedy.
I got a new weapon as a reward for damaging it but it wasn't one I wanted, so what I did was I just Godbaned my self to see if I could reload for a new one, short story I didn't get anything.

I clipped its wing like last time 10.75.
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User Info: BaKuRi

4 years ago#6
I can' do anything to this guy on my unoptomized acc. But I think I broke damage limit on my min maxed assassin cause I missed the "accessing server" I'd never done that before!
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User Info: Westernbar

4 years ago#7
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User Info: enjelsama

4 years ago#8
BaKuRi posted...
I can' do anything to this guy on my unoptomized acc. But I think I broke damage limit on my min maxed assassin cause I missed the "accessing server" I'd never done that before!

The Limit is quite high.

As I use Me + 3 Pawns who basiclly Stun lock Ur, So fight is me hanging on Ur for 8mins swinging with out stopping. Havn't tried this Gen yet, But last few I'm pulling in 70-80%+ of a Bar. So might just have missed message, or it didn't pop up but worked.

I've popped of MF and gone to town for Bar +, always gotten it to stick.
So inless your busting out 2+ bars. (or just over top crazy stats) I don't think hitting cap be possible.
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User Info: flik101

4 years ago#9
9.7 & 9.4
PSN: flik_101 (http://s1158.photobucket.com/albums/p614/flik101/)
Pawn: Lady Scatha (Lvl oo Sorcerer: Scather/Utilitarian) [Rank:3rd] Top Ranked Sorcerer

User Info: Kelayr

4 years ago#10
How do the regular Ur hunters manage to report his HP down to two decimal places? Do you guys put a ruler on your screens or something? :P
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