I've had enough - it is time to call out some cheaters

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User Info: raynold101

4 years ago#21
joseargao posted...
MysticVolcano posted...
in the end it's not really hurting him

If the cheating allegation is true, then of course it's hurting him. Everyone gets hurt when cheated out of something. It doesn't have to be something important. If I buy a sandwich and you grab it out of my hand and eat it I'd be pretty upset. This is true even though I can buy thousands of sandwiches if I wanted.

lol not hurting him, you realize hes been doing this for almost half a year now?

All that trading, chest farming, grigori farming, and ur farming for gear to practically give away for anyone who asks. Even just a few months ago, they didn't really "give" out items like this. It was all trades, but now its pure giveaway.

So after wasting all these time trying to be top ranked "Doesn't matter how pointless you think it is, he feels it was worth his time." Now the same people whom were I suppose "rivals" as you would call it, all took the easy way out, and easily got the top ranks. while Dice is still here slaving to nubs every wish and command just so he can get enough invites to stay on top. and you people think its annoying and disrespectful when nubs cry to you guys for gear, think about all the spam he probably gets.
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User Info: Baku00

4 years ago#22
I honestly think this is quite the laugh, you sit here and shove your rift store crap down ppls throats everyday to get three...THREE pawns to top 10, when i was playing and grinding lvls to 200 i used Arianne & Celeste & Karasu but liked Karasu more thus often times i would use Karasu alot more thus giving him alot of hires.

this is a laugh to me simply because of your ego of needing to have more then one pawn in top 10 while other pawns who actually deserve being within the top ten get wiped out from it, you do nothing but throw Arianne (and now Celeste) into ppls faces to get them into top 10. however from my stand point Karasu was better (to me when i used all three) and deserved a higher place then Arianne & Celeste

User Info: gmoshier

4 years ago#23
This thread is going to turn into a flaming war. I don't play DD anymore but I still visit this forum from time to time. So now we have ppl accusing others of cheating?! What else is new? Certain gamers hack the leaderboards in other games all the time. RE 6 is a good example. I work my butt off just to get a 330k score in mercenaries mode and some idiot will hack the merc leaderboards with a ridiculous score by their name. I'm not saying that I endorse this kind of behaviour, but it's not worth freaking out about. I can understand TC's frustration, but starting a thread like this by accusing others isn't going to turn out well. Use your common sense.
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User Info: raynold101

4 years ago#24
Openly naming people as scammers or hackers never turns out well lol.
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(message deleted)

User Info: densetsu_x

4 years ago#26
Disappointing that you'd take a private feud and make it public, but predictable nonetheless.

I had a long response written up, but after rereading it, I decided not to stoop to your level of taking private conversations and making them public. So the short short version instead.

1) Your accusations are baseless and smack of someone who had their ego bruised, yet again like when I got to #1 the first time and you were privately claiming I cheated then (which I denied). Because yes I really did figure out a way to do 10 hires very quickly and yes had I figured the system out I would have been able to pass Violet in late September/early October because at the very least I would have been able to double the grinding effort on top of what she was pulling on her own. Further, if the rankings mattered to me that much that I would do anything at all, I would have kept Karasu there instead of dropping her like I did.

2) That's not Karasu on top. I new gamed her because I was asked a question and I could only show the answer with a new character. It was set to private because there was no reason for anyone to be hiring her.

3) Like last time, when I am done with what I'm doing, I'll put her back because news flash, I'm not an active member on the board nor an active player in the game in case you hadn't realized that by my increasingly lack of appearances. Considering I thought it didn't make sense to leave an inactive pawn on the top then, why would that change now when I touch the game even less.

4) No, I didn't have to use that particular save, but I did earn it with a lot of work and effort starting from before you did. No I still don't think the ranking matters and in fact I think the process that got a lot of the pawns up there was quite a bit of a sham. But once in a blue moon I'll admit it's nice seeing the "1" next to your pawn for a short while because it wasn't easy, even when I had a lot of help doing so. The funny thing to all this as well is if you said nothing and never made this post, things would have already been back to normal instead of me wasting the last few hours having to bother type up something.

As far as this goes, I'm done with the matter. I was asked some questions, I got my answers and I'm sure you'll somehow twist things around to continue to make yourself look like the innocent victim. You've done it before so no surprise in seeing you do it again. I know you're certainly not going to offer a private apology to anyone much less a public one. Then again, I'd doubt its sincerity even if one were offered plus I'm so far removed from the affairs of the board here that I'm beyond caring over almost anything you would have to say.

As for my friend list (not that my private affairs has anything to do with you whatsoever), yes I deleted most of the people off of it because frankly it had been a long time since I contacted them, or they contacted me and considering most were on there for DD and not using the pawns, I found it rather pointless to just keep them there (no offense to anyone really). That said, if you are interested in using them, or if you still want to talk to me, go ahead and resend the friend request (I know 1 person did already). I don't mind at all.

P.S. Even though I know it's a temporary thing, it's actually nice to see Violet back in the #1 spot.

User Info: newjerseyplayer

4 years ago#27
DarknessEnvoker posted...
The way I make a big comment over some people unfairly ruining what could have been a fun thing confirms my theory that...

I'm a fat nerd.


This arguing is pointless. It is a ranking for Pete's sake.
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(message deleted)

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#29
And this is why leaderboards are always a joke. I'd expect this sort of thing on PS3 since the service is free, but the same **** happens on every single 360 game as well.

User Info: KenKoerperich

4 years ago#30
Yeah yeah, it's a a Ranking, but a ranking that benefitted the community as "WE ALL" got items for "FREE" essentially. All you had to do was list what you wanted and send "X" amount of hires.

Now the "PAYOFF" is being at #1, and getting his/her pawn hired constantly, because as stated, alot of randoms just goto the TOP 100 and take who's there. So now he/she is getting randoms and all their friend hires. That's alot.

It was hard work to make the store, as stated, alot of time "GODS BANING" and stockpiling on multiple accounts, then keeping count of each and every hire, so on and so forth.

SO, when somebody who wasn't on the list previously, as they were somehow removed/deleted, or whatever have you, then "SAID" person reappears in a day at #1, and supposedly they are inactive.....HTF does that happen? No friends list, inactive, not in the Top10 "YET" this person over takes #1 with a huge assed cushion???

That's what pisses people off.

Same for the contests that Dice runs, the first contest was a sham, 2 of us were leading on legit voters, and then the 1, whom most knew to be LadyScatha gained an ungodly amount of votes in less than 20 minutes, and then slowly gained a few more until they won? Are you so shallow that you can't even let a simple contest for the best look be won? Let alone the person admittedly has tons of gear and essentially didn't need the items? But hey, a guy like me, who had only been here a couple of weeks, eh, that wouldn't look right if I had won, cuz I'm a noob right?? Sure, would have been nice to win, but after I seen the votes go out of reach in 20 minutes, I vowed no more contests.

To many vane people on these boards, and they ruin others fun. Let alone, they don't really help out unless there is something in it for them.

IE. like my advertizing for assistance in teaching my pawn. Seriously, got alot of friends requests, YET not 1 of those hired my pawn. And, sorry, if your pawn only stands around blabbing about "SAID" knowledge but not showing my pawn how to do it, they suck and I release them. So, that being said, back to the advertizing, it's easier for somebody to TAKE your pawn out, since they already know how to teach, as thier own pawns already been taught. NOT ONE of my pawns has full 3*'s, so people begging me to do something I have no clue to do is useless. And pretty much is ruining the game for me.

All I see is, ME, ME, ME on these boards. Comments even in alot of what I've posted before, leaned towards flaming/trolling and seriously annoyed me. I came here to learn the game, and have fun. Dice and Klatuu77, and a couple of others attempted to help me do that, but alot of others just ruined that fun with their "hacking" or what ever they are doing, denying it, and getting away with it. Lastly to the "TROLLS"....piss off your just that, a troll and will never be taken seriously.

Eh, yea, ranted a bit, but I'm tired of seeing people who helped the community alot getting shafted!
KennyKoerperich{Scather/Chall-ElvinRanger-Kavin D'Korz-Lv102}
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