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User Info: GreenSkadi

4 years ago#1
First, @ Kinect420: I did not want to occupy your thread, and once you are back, we sure may go back to your original idea, with the lottery and all.
Hope you are alright!

This Club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other RC, knowledge, gear and feedback on the pawns.

To interested new players:
This club works both ways round, I hire you, you hire me, means that this thread is not only for promoting your pawn once, it's meant to be an active community, where you are visible from time to time, letting the rest of us know how much RC/knowledge you got from us, with whom you are traveling and so on.
Most won't hire your pawn if they never see you again here in this thread and you will be excluded from the list if you seem inactive so make sure to post sometimes and be active.

As Falthin once posted(I shortened it a little but it says what the club is about very well):

~No one is expected to hire everyones pawn and it's not always practical for people to immediately rent the pawn belonging to a member who just released theirs - especially if they don't want to rent high level pawns.

This is an active group where members hire pawns within the group and give feedback or updates every couple of days or so, and people post acknowledging the rent ( like Shadow skill and others often do ) then people may be more willing to hire their pawn as they are seen as contributing to the 'group' and their rent won't be wasted on an inactive pawn.

Remember, anyone can just make a new topic and say Rent My Pawn, but I don't think the original spirit of this topic / club was to be a one post "rent my pawn" topic, where people asked the group to rent their pawn and then you never heard from them again.

I quite like hiring others pawns to pass on knowledge, RC and maybe some gear to other 'active' pawns and that is why I posted in this topic. That has been a large part of the DD community.

I'm assuming people asking others to rent their pawns are wanting ratings or RC or feedback or whatever, but if someone new posts, putting their pawn up for rent, and there is no evidence that they are ever using any other pawns from this group then there isn't much incentive for group members to hire their pawn.~

To the lower level players, you can hire higher level pawns for free by sending a friend request to their owner, once accepted they are for free,
but you should know that a pawn 20 levels above your Arisen causes a Exp penalty, the other way round, a pawn 20 levels below your Arisen increases Exp.

Happy Hunting everyone, enjoy each others pawns! :)
PSN: GreenSkadi
Pawn: Ari, Level 200 Sorceress, Scather/Challenger

User Info: GreenSkadi

4 years ago#2
If you want to become a member of the club post your Info EXACTLY like I did down there,
post again like that if there were changes that should be added in the next list.

GFAQ nick | PSN | Pawn name | Pawn level | Pawn vocation

kinect420 | kinect420 | Kira

" | kinectifaction | Azura

redroses_4life | friendy08 | La'roule | 200 | Tank Mage

GreenSkadi | GreenSkadi | Ari | 200 | Sorceress

Kingscorpiop93 | Kingscorpiop93 | Demitri | 200< | Warrior

AsianSuperman | SeiMikazuki | Ryu Arisen

Roymik | Roymik | Balmung | 200< | Bezel Ranger

Etroanime | Rammel29 | Vydic | 100< | Fighter/Warrior

Shanoa_Alucard | saintboot7 | Star

TaigaWilliam | rebel_nowe | Maerlyn | 100< | Support Mage

Jules_McGrules | jules_mcgrules2 | Bruno | 100< | Ranger(Bezel if needed)

" | jules_mcgrules | Thaliah | 100< | Strider(Bezel if needed)

Falthin | V1r1d1ana | Snowflake | 200< | Sorceress

PureNothingness | Mysteltain | Sophia

rulernighthawk | GoldChaoticSoul | Layla | 100< | Warrior

bluemax428 | bluemax428 | Athena | 200< | Sorceress

" | bluemax429 | Silvercharm | 200< | Bezel Ranger

lindaluv | MolaMadara | Punkin | 200 | Warrior (soon Ranger)

mrpoker19811981 | Mrmadden81 | Hannah

Tigercml | Tigercml | Belldandy

SuperiorSlasher | Rodbow15 | Quinte | 200 | Ranger

ZEnzane | Zorta_Enzane | Loki | ? | Mage

ballinsoldier1 | tdizzle00 | Jane | 100< | Fighter/Warrior/Ranger(Bezel if needed)

FrooFather | KJIcemanXiahou | Old Greg | 100< | Fighter

vanrobier | SHOTBOYZZZZZZZZZ | Debilitator

BoxMan_IN_SPACE | BoxMan_IN_SPACE | Reina | 100< | Ranger

riseagainst976 | chapa_el | Sophie | 50< | Strider

Big_Boar | Fandaan | Siegmund | 150< | Fighter

" | Davie_Boar | Sejanus | 50< | Warrior

joseargao | ukyo_rulz | Melusine | 200 | Sorceress/Mage

manaburn876 | thebiueninja | Nether | 150< | Sorceress

SuperSuarezBros | SuperSuarezBros | Sorelle | 100< | Ranger

sicknessfl | GvilleDarts | ? | 100< | Ranger

Favrielle | rogue_cat | Michonne | 100< | Warrior

Silbe | mezzokakerlake | Esca/Petz | 100< | Warrior

MysticVolcano | ShinVolcano | Asellus | 150< | Sorcerer

S0nYxdb | ManongJose | Gandalf (the Grey) | 100< | Mage

" | MangJavs | Legolas | 100< | Strider

Drksrs161 | chad-calvert | Rufus | 200< | Sorcerer

" | barronsamitty420 | Gretel | 50< | Bezel Ranger

kayos539 | OctoberFire87 | Sienna | ? | Ranger

princeTidus | wiz0r1 | Momo | 150< | Ranger(Bezel if needed)

Tigerlyla | Auharu | King Julien(?) | 50< | ? (Work in progress)

itsjordynbro | xJORDYNx | Rose | 100< | Mage

Cyberkitten_ML | Cyberkitten_ML | Aramis | 50< | Fighter

proudclod_sj | proudclod_sj | Rothen | 100< | Warrior

Metacree | metacree | Bridget | 50< | Sorcerer

" | Protoderp | Vyn | 200< | Warrior

Toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | 100< | Ranger

disruptor486 | disruptor486 | Atropos | 100< | Ranger

zeeAsuna | zAsuna | Uffi | 150< | Ranger

Sensei_Cain | azumasensei | Milika | 50< | Sorceress/Mage

lilgreekgirl7 | Lilgreekgirl | Tristan | 150< | Strider

Src1990 | Pamme_piggy | Dylan | 100< | Mage

Grimghast | Grimghast | Autumn Fyre | 50< | Ranger

pexxithan | Pexxithan | Cherry | 150< | Strider

BlackfoxK92 | BlackfoxK92 | Riku | 150< | Ranger/all other

If you were excluded from the list, just post again and make sure to be more active this time to stay on the list.
PSN: GreenSkadi
Pawn: Ari, Level 200 Sorceress, Scather/Challenger

User Info: SuperiorSlasher

4 years ago#3
I also have a Bezel for my pawn if anyone wants it.
PSN: Rodbow15
Pawn: Quinte lvl 200 Ranger "The Blue Dragon"

User Info: lilgreekgirl7

4 years ago#4
some thank yous....

VileLeche (love Ur name btw). 7852 RC an DF Heavens Key- Ty, Ty, Ty
BlackfoxK92 600 RC and wake shard
GreenSpan a whopping 54,,387 RC and ferrystone
Pamme_Piggy 15,604 and ferrystone

thanx for all the love...and, maybe Trusting dressed so warm cause its about 1 degrees F in my world...hmmm..maybe my subconscious bleeding thru there!!!
Playstation ID: lilgreekgirl
DD info: Main Pawn: Tristan/ lvl >100 / usually fighter/warrior - currently strider; PC Main - Charissa

User Info: manaburn876

4 years ago#5
Holy crap, I go to sleep and all of a sudden we're in #4!!!! This is a very fast moving club, we should see if we can get a free domain name or something :p
PSN: thebiueninja, pawn: Nether, Sorcereress
PSN: Fortenbras_DOOM, pawn: Gall, Ranger

User Info: ballinsoldier1

4 years ago#6
Jane is sporting Ranger and Bezel right now if anyone wants or needs. I can swap her also if that's not what you're looking for. Just figured a lot of people like the bonus exp.
PSN: tdizzle00
Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Jane - Fighter/Warrior/Ranger(Bezel Crown when needed) - <100

User Info: lindaluv

4 years ago#7
Thank you to Faithlin again, and blue for a nice 70k RC boost and a beautiful blessed flower. Much appreciated. I think Faithlin also gave me The Dragon knowledgeable too =D
MolaMadara : Punkin (lvl 200 - Warrior) - add me up on PSN ^_^

User Info: GreenSkadi

4 years ago#8
Some thank yous to hand out:

Thank you mrmadden81 for my first complete Million in RC from one hire! :D

Thank you ukyo_rulz for 133k RC

Thank you tdizzle00 for 3807 RC

Thank you marlboro1219 for 877k RC

Thank you RodBow15 for 30k RC

Thank you all, very much I will make good use of the RC in Dark Arisen, curious to see what they will do to make the RC more useful, as they said.

Happy Hunting everyone, keep up feeding our sweet new thread! :D
PSN: GreenSkadi
Pawn: Ari, Level 200 Sorceress, Scather/Challenger

User Info: Falthin

4 years ago#9
Thanks to:

don15041984 327 rc
azumasensei 58,935 rc
MolaMadara 18,544 rc
toddlarod 98,558 rc
Pamme_piggy 43,435 rc

thanks for the rents and gifts.

I'll make a coffee and then wander into the rift to see who I can pick up tonight.
PSN Durzo54Blint - DD pawn Catti-Brie Strider
PSN V1r1d1ana - DD pawn Snowflake Sorceror

User Info: kayos539

4 years ago#10
Falthin posted...
Thanks to:

don15041984 327 rc
azumasensei 58,935 rc
MolaMadara 18,544 rc
toddlarod 98,558 rc
Pamme_piggy 43,435 rc

thanks for the rents and gifts.

I'll make a coffee and then wander into the rift to see who I can pick up tonight.

I picked up Cattie-Brie last night. She was pretty awesome with the Fracture Dart.
PSN: Octoberfire87
DD Pawn: Sienna, level 100< Ranger, Scather/Challenger
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