Ur Dragon Gen 188

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User Info: lezardthewizard

4 years ago#51
1-Ur Dragon at 1.60...get bored
2-went to take a nap
3-woke up
4-ur dragon at 1.99
ID: hitokiri33 - pawn: Freya Sorceress lvl 200

User Info: drajsmith

4 years ago#52
tritiumrain posted...
silentexistence posted...
0.8 and 0.7. That's more like it.

Just found the 0.7. Now we're getting somewhere!

drajsmith posted...
I think it's time to revive the rumor that Ur Dragon gains health as a "coward's penalty" when people just go in to check status, then Godsbane out.
If Capcom changed the GP so that there is no more soft GP, maybe they changed it so UR gains health when people take the easy way out :-)

I don't think it's healing, I think it's just the different versions having a wide range of health. Personally I think it has to be more than the widely believed 4 servers because I have seen at least 5 different versions in a short while.

I was (mostly) just kidding about Ur healing itself. But, I agree. Between fighting many different health levels in a very short period of time, and the health levels that I see other people reporting here, I find it very hard to believe that there are just 4 different versions at any given time.
PSN: drajsmith; Pawn: Tiny Tina:Lvl oo Sorceress (quickcast)

User Info: Homm Syndrome

Homm Syndrome
4 years ago#53
I dont know what my problem is but I keep getting the one with 2 full bars left. 5th time in a row and counting

User Info: Asgard

4 years ago#54
Not at all what I was expecting to find after accidentally falling asleep XD
PSN: Manfrinjinsindin, Pawn: Iristrielle - Mage 200 - http://i.imgur.com/8IbZs.jpg
Alt PSN: Asgard216, Pawn: Brandt - Ranger 90 - http://i.imgur.com/3zqFs.jpg

User Info: Tropicalwood

4 years ago#55
Once again we have it by the balls and nobody is working at it.
PSN: Tropicalwood (Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Solaire Fighter Lvl 101) http://i.imgur.com/yOA5MSQ.jpg

User Info: Kelayr

4 years ago#56
I keep getting 1.7 or so... hope the 0.x one dies soon.
PSN: Kelayr
Pawn: Elaine, Level 200 Strider

User Info: briantg8s

4 years ago#57
I went from 2.1 to 0.6 to 1.7 all right in a row and the 0.6 staggered significantly more than the other two.
PSN: Zombiebomb

User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#58
Argh, my internet connection has been down for the past couple hours (which is a rare occurrence), and I was pissed that I might miss GP. Guess I was worried for nothing - this one is stubborn.
*crosses fingers that internet connection doesn't crap out again*
PSN: nathan-hankins, Pawn: Nightshade -Lv 200 Sorceress http://i.imgur.com/wLJEPtz.jpg
PSN: nhankins7, Belladonna - Mage ~ PSN: nhankins777, Morrigan - Fighter

User Info: Aardicus

4 years ago#59
Asgard posted...
Not at all what I was expecting to find after accidentally falling asleep XD

I've been working this one over with my damage alt, but using the Godsbane method to exit. Currently lvl 85 and making a dent....

It's working out nice since I'm getting to see which 'shots' are best and from what location. I thought this would be frustrating at 85, but I think I can take UR in GP.

If and when we get there heh. This is a stubborn one.

User Info: Kelayr

4 years ago#60
0.6 and 0.5.
PSN: Kelayr
Pawn: Elaine, Level 200 Strider
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