Ur Dragon Gen 197

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User Info: SorceressEdea7

4 years ago#51
FINALLY DID IT! 1st time. been sitting here SINCE it went GP too. I made the mistake of using my maker's finger waaay back like when it first GP'ed.. on the wing one. turns out from later tries that was the easiest heart to take out, and since it it nighttime in the game i really didn't want to wait on Fournival to come to the Black Cat for a new one so i just went for it. got LUCKY AS HELL and got him with my very last Liquid vim and last set of Periapts, and had probably seconds left in the battle itself, not to mention i'm fairly sure the GP is almost over.
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User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#52
Congrats to those that got their first kills. That first one is kinda special.
PSN: nathan-hankins, Pawn: Nightshade -Lv 200 Sorceress http://i.imgur.com/wLJEPtz.jpg
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User Info: raynold101

4 years ago#53
Lol... i totally missed this gen while sitting on my ass watching youtube....
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User Info: pirakahunter788

4 years ago#54
Went in near the start of the GP, took me 4 tries to even get one heart. Even as a Magick Knight, still couldn't get the kill. -.-
PSN: Pirakahunter788 - Pawn: Katherine / Lvl 134 Mage

User Info: CheetahSmith

4 years ago#55
Congrats to everyone who got their first online kill. :D Always exciting! Oh man, I remember the adrenaline happy-gushy rush when I got my first one... Good times. :D
PSN: Esusyu
WKC 2: Cheetah * Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Asha (Lvl 200 Sorcerer)
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