Ur Dragon Gen 210

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User Info: crimsonhawk47

4 years ago#81
sephiroth1491 posted...
Oh god, is GP done yet? I just got home and see this. >_<


nhankins7 posted...
crimsonhawk47 posted...
Can't you just switch to mystic knight? Or is there something I'm missing here? Send it home with their pawn?

Referring to trading a totem mace? Pawns can't equip maces, magic shields, or magic bows, so those types of equipment cannot be transferred.

They need to equip it for you to send it home?

User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#82
^ Yes, you transfer gear by equipping it on someone's pawn (and then releasing them and resting). If the pawn can't equip the gear, you can't send it.
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User Info: lilgreekgirl7

4 years ago#83
@Crimsonhawk CONGRATS on your first OL Ur kill!! (I danced all over the place when I first downed him and ran straight to vainly look at my name on that dam tablet ;)

@Acasser ....I`m sure u can tell from my posts...my filter is,indeed, rather um.....shall we say....full of holes. Meap <.>

@Oldschool.... :P
PSN: lilgreekgirl: Tristan/ lvl >150 / Warrior
Alt PSN: lilgreekgirl7 / Charisma/ Fighter / lvl < 50

User Info: JayYoungs

4 years ago#84
lilgreekgirl7 posted...
Pheww ...that was close!! Got him...ladies night again :P I got the same version as Kara :D

Jayyoungs .....I can send that mace...I have 3 !! And...apparently our gift packages git mixed up cause I just got another. 5 Hearts...gut, left side, two on right rear leg, one on left rear leg.

*skips out of chamber* :D

Haha I got all happy when i saw that you'd send me one then I remembered pawns can't equip hybrid weapons... Damn it Capcom whyyy??? Lol but thankyou for offering to help me out though its much appreciated :) I hope that dark arisen has an enemy that functions like the online Ur dragon(possibly death?) and we get sweet rewards when it's destroyed :D
PSN: jayyoungs1990
Pawn: Airia Level 182 Sorceress

User Info: JayYoungs

4 years ago#85
ACasser posted...
lilgreekgirl7 posted...
Jayyoungs .....I can send that mace...I have 3 !!

No, you can't. =) It's for Mystic Knights only.

But I'm sure Jay is flattered by the thought.

Haha yea I am it was very kind :)
PSN: jayyoungs1990
Pawn: Airia Level 182 Sorceress

User Info: JayYoungs

4 years ago#86
Oldschooluk posted...
@lilgreekgirl glad you "woke up" in time to make this one :) and stop teasing jayyoung - poor guys been after the mace for so long...hehehe

I think Ur knows that I'm after the mace so he keeps sending me offline weapons in it's place to tick me off :( Lol he just hates me
PSN: jayyoungs1990
Pawn: Airia Level 182 Sorceress

User Info: rockyterrain

4 years ago#87
Hmmm, missed another one...darn life stuff getting in the way! Maybe 211..,.
When a man is wrong and won't admit it, he always gets angry.---Thomas Haliburton.
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