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User Info: Mewfeuille

4 years ago#431
Just released On1xx's Mimi and CheetahSmith's Asha. Great fun partying with them! Had Death and a drake in one room with some wraiths but everyone managed through. XD Death uhh, had to avoid him though... tried going at him once and he scythed everyone in the party. Also, Strigoi's are my new favorite hated enemy!! Curse them all! >:[

Also, I think I'm just gonna have Kuro stay ranger for now since it's been pretty amusing seeing him jumping around everywhere killing stuff. Seems more suitable for him instead of warrior because of his slim physique. So I guess some updated information (even though I told everyone he'd stay perma F/W.. I'm so sorry Skadi XD TY for putting up with all my changes!):

> | Mewfeuille | Kuro |<150 | F/R

He may not be a perfect ranger (yet! hehe) but I'm working on it.

AAAND I currently have Acasser's Gloriana and FlarelordFenix's Evennia right now for some more BBI adventuring. Gonna pick up Panthro as soon as Mr. Mark Fury accepts my FR for my alt. =P

Almost done with all my repaid hires. I'll be picking up some new members soon!
PSN: Mewfeuille Pawn: Kuro <150 fighter/warrior

User Info: Mewfeuille

4 years ago#432
Oh! And I just ht the 3 mill mark yesterday!!! TY SO much everyone!!!!

I remember when I was just first starting out in bandages and funnybone guards.. with my tiny pouch of 50 rift crystals.. then this club came... T^T You all rock!!
PSN: Mewfeuille Pawn: Kuro <150 fighter/warrior


4 years ago#433
Going to get started with my BBI play with Exiled and Calista, was going to start last night but sleep got the best of me lol
PSN ID: MsCherryBlossom

User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#434
GreenSkadi posted...
scarletdeath posted...
conspiraicies posted...
Looks like Zebidabu is rocked... Ah well, about time I dived in with Max anyways.

Ah, you're Zeb from the stream? Thanks anyways for trying to send that ironblack pelt. Haha.

Are you still in need of that pelt, I will forge some later, cause Klaatu needs one too, I could send one your way as well.

@ Kara:
As far as I read, it may last up until 48 hours.

Thank you! Then I will have to wait until Saturday night PST to be able to start hiring again.

>.< Figures. Stupid server!
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti

User Info: Oldschooluk

4 years ago#435
I have just been on a huge dress up spree (Not as well as Skadi is famous for) on almost all <50 members currently on the list. Hopefully it will encourage you all to post since I am sure most of you are quite shy.

Anyway rest at the inn and see what you have gotten...remember that UR weapons/abyssinal armor/masks and everfall loot will cause a stamina penalty unless you or your pawn (whichever is wearing the item) are over lvl 50 or so.

Please post in the thread (as is the normal practice) when you have gotten the items and what so I know what I sent you all. :) It also helps the people maintaining the list to see you are active.

I have sent all of you a port crystal as the gift so use it wisely. :)

On to the list:

PSN: Oldschooluk Pawn: Pooh, level 200 Support Mage utilitarian/medicant
PSN: Newschooluk Pawn: Kaya, level 93 Strider scather/challenger

User Info: darkmega703

4 years ago#436
Can someone send me some sour Ambrosial Meat?

Have trouble finding it, and I need it for a quest.
Will a human turn into a god, or will a god turn into a human.

User Info: vegetaken

4 years ago#437
I have sent you an FR of my alterate account so you can use Lord Julien. I'll take your pawn for a spin. BTW Im playing hard mode. I'll try keeping your pawn alive to the best of my abilities

Oh dont worry she should learn how to DODGE.

Thank you Auharu: Sarah for 15k and Oldschoolluk for im not too sure but I assume a ton of items (from one or both of you).

Taking Julien and Nami out to scout around. Gonna be a fighter burn party methinks lol.
axe<great axe<greater axe<greatest axe. no need to thank me. ~_Emissary_
PSN: Sadboosh

User Info: Bouke

4 years ago#438
Anybody encountered something like this before?
Such things never happened in DD, DA has some really evil glitches/bugs...
People BACK UP your savefiles often!

Nope, not yet, but I make a backup now after every play session.
I hope they fix it soon. One of my previous 100+ hours Arisen has fallen victim to save corruption in the past, so I'm extra paranoid now.
PSN: RiverChaucer3rd: Mina (Level00) [Sorceress] *pure magic build*

User Info: vegetaken

4 years ago#439
Im feeling quite undergeared for my level atm compared to the stuff gifted for my pawn...i'm hoping just story progression should help that.
axe<great axe<greater axe<greatest axe. no need to thank me. ~_Emissary_
PSN: Sadboosh

User Info: Mr_Crikman

4 years ago#440
So I'll take Setsuka (Klaatu77) and Serenity (paasky) on my travels, let's see, how they'll do, keep you updated.

Thanks by the way to the creators of this Club, appreciate the work!
PSN-ID: ElCrik
Pawn: Arria
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