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User Info: ballinsoldier1

4 years ago#481
My thanks to:

Profess-Gamer: 32,278 RC

FlarelordFenix: 149,435 RC

Toddlarod: 379,499 RC

back-stabberI9: 162,159 RC

Angeloliveira20: 100,758 RC - Cursed Dragon Scale

Anarazel: 171,423 RC - Cursed Gear Level 3

momo-415: 94,552 RC

YggdrasilProject: 505,091 RC

DimGunz: 130,646 RC

I had quite a few of 3 star ratings and toddlarod mentioned that Jane kept jumping off cliffs. Is that happening to other people (I've never seen it happen once in my game play) or is ole Death just taking her down? She normally runs away from it when I'm playing, so Im' at a loss at to why she would be doing weird things for people who rent her but not for me.
PSN: tdizzle00
Dragon's Dogma/DA Pawn: Jane- 200

User Info: Mark_Fury_

4 years ago#482
Mewfeuille posted...
Gonna pick up Panthro as soon as Mr. Mark Fury accepts my FR for my alt. =P

Cheers! Akane is currently picking up the finer points of Griffin-riding as we speak.

@ Dark_Arisen (nice) Many thanks for the 40K in RC, A golden egg, 5* review, quest/area knowledge and foe knowledge x 7! Panthro needed a nap.
PSN: Mark_Fury_
DD DA PAWN: Panthro / <100 / Support Sorcerer
(message deleted)

User Info: rockyterrain

4 years ago#484
Falthin posted...
I've been renting a few pawns from this group and I'm hoping to have a bit more time to play for the time being so, to avoid confusion, please can you add me to the list again ?

Falthin | Durzo54Blint | Catti-Brie | 200 | Strider
Falthin | V1r1d1ana | Snowflake | 200 | Sorceror

Hoping to pick up a few pawns this weekend for general adventuring, quest completing and BBI fun.

Think I still owe Ari a rent so I'll pick her up


So it was an Alt account! (Durzo54Blint). Got your rent and wasn't sure it was from around here. Put out a thanks earlier, but it's surely buried about 80 posts deep by now.
Currently running with Snowflake, along with Kokoro, and headed for Daimon.

Some thank-you notes to pass on from Willow...

@nhankins7...72k RC Wakestone, 5* and nice comments

@ThePor12...13k RC, 4 4/5* (guess they don't like green since the missing star was on appearance?)

@soulinsanity...167k RC, BB Wpn lvl 3 (a Sanguine Stalk! First one of those! Extreme thanks!) 5* and a nice greeting.
When a man is wrong and won't admit it, he always gets angry.---Thomas Haliburton.

User Info: Alucard188

4 years ago#485
My thanks for the portcrystal and random gear, Oldschooluk and the chap from the other topic for the RC, gear, and knowledge.
Face it Cloud is a gaming icon and has appered in lots of games while mario has only appeared in 2 games sunshine and 64~xSlashbomBx

User Info: Bombastus

4 years ago#486
Bombastus | nerohigh | Cali | 56| Ranger

New here. :P
Would love if someone took my pawn for a spin

User Info: vegetaken

4 years ago#487
Just released nami and lord julien and both were a lot of fun to have in the party. While it may not be the best DPS wise, neither myself nor my mage were bothered at any point in the last few quests and things went down quite quickly. Also noticed julien doing a stab into the body and pin them move which seemed to work a lot on smaller mobs. Nami was a cocky person the entire time too was kinda funny.

Gonna grab Drizzt and Sol again since I barely did anything when i stole them.

Gotta say I enjoy this picking other people's pawns over randoms.

Do bows become more common at some point? I've upgraded my shop with bronze statue and he keeps pumping out newer every weapon besides bows.
axe<great axe<greater axe<greatest axe. no need to thank me. ~_Emissary_
PSN: Sadboosh

User Info: InfernoRodan

4 years ago#488
Big thanks to Kelayr for the 421,397 RC, 5 stars, Lv. 3 Armor, and comment!
PSN: InfernoRodan, Pawn: Stella, lvl 200 Ranger

User Info: Mark_Fury_

4 years ago#489
Bombastus posted...
Bombastus | nerohigh | Cali | 56| Ranger

New here. :P
Would love if someone took my pawn for a spin

Will take Cali around tonight. Pay it forward.
PSN: Mark_Fury_
DD DA PAWN: Panthro / <100 / Support Sorcerer

User Info: GreenSkadi

4 years ago#490
Hey guys 'n girls, would have thought the thread is dead by now, was a little, very little bit wrong. ;)

ragnaroker are you around?
Preparing the new thread already?
If not, I shall do so, now. :)
PSN: GreenSkadi
DA Pawn: Ari, LV 200 Sorceress, Scather/Challenger
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