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User Info: soulinsanity

4 years ago#261
lol your a great story teller far! you should have Grigori's voice while you tell it! i laughed at the photo of death cuz all i see is Farlancer looking up and its like hes saying "oooooo shiny light!"
and willow going "NO FAR DONT GO INTO THE LIGHT!" XD
PSN: soulinsanity
Pawn : Horo - lvl 200 - Vocation : strider - One does not Simply Save the World Without a Harem -

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#262
Arkx_Farlancer posted...

So anyway. First room, clear most of it. Farlancer dances with the Saurians while Willow seems to cheer them on, meteors falling down around us, the usual. Wait, what...?

And then suddenly, a wild Garm appears that is clearly aiming to take off Willows head while she is busy casting Anodyne!

This continued for 2 or 3 more grabs, the hellhound even shooting a fireball at the Drakes hand at one point. Unfortunately while they were distracted Nightshade had time to line up and fire off a big hunk o' ice at the Drakes face, killing the remaining hellhound with it too -

Loving the first two pictures. These are one of the reasons why I like yellow vocations (and Mystic Knight) over blue ones for taking screenshots. Odd poses and WTF close-ups. That's one hell of a bit of timing to catch a Garm mid-lunge. Great job!
Not to neglect the Gicel shot here. This and Seism are kind of underrated compared to the usual Fulmination and Bolide screenshots.
Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#263
Oh yeah, it's the Eliminator Challenge of Manly Musk! You're probably not ready for this testosterone overloaded event. Alright first off, you can't do this without the soundtrack, collected entirely by our clubmembers. Note the tabs.

With the BGM ready to play, let's introduce this round of play's challengers! Of course, it's my dwarven Arisen, in the front. Calista didn't qualify for this challenge, she's too female and smells too much like flowers and pastries, so she was temporarily substituted for Mac the Eliminator. To complete the squad we have everyone's favourite warriors Tristan and Max Caxton.

Can you smell the musk already?

Meet Mac. I had to go and pull a helmet of an actual Eliminator in order to produce an accurate copy of the in-game Eliminator. Little did I know that Eliminators are actually kind of cute. Meet Mac!

Helmets up guys! We're rolling out! For reference, Tristan is the one with the dark Cyclops Veil.

Getting to the Rotundra of Dread was a pain in the behind, thanks to my dwarf being slow as dwarvenly possible due to his size. Oh, and all the bloody interruptions. Tristan bodychecks the Gorechimera like a professional icehockey player.

Stupid snake photobombing.

Even Death got mouth full of charging manly warriors and their giant warhammers (it didn't end well).

Okay so, we get to the Rotundra and we find a rather dull party. Clearly these Ogres and Eliminators are kept in check by their Siren girlfriends! We decide to start a war, at the gay bar gay bar gay bar!

We kick the women out of the club and git it on. From here on, it's just a massive clusterfrak of slammin', jammin', bodychecks, rubbin' and grindin'. Arisen just jumps into the frey hoping to get some cool shots, cause it's nearly impossible to follow any of the pawns in this hot mess. The tiny Eliminator you see occasionally is Mac.

Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#264
Something is missing here.

That has to hurt!

And the party continues.

Max and Mac in compromised positions.

Tristan is a butts guy.

This party ain't over until everyone's down and out!

Despite being able to slip through most legs (heh), Arisen finds himself launched into the air more than is good for him.

This means you're screwed.

Mac double-teamed by Ogres.

Unlike a certain pawn, Arisen is packing.

Ogre knows it well.

Whatever Tristan is doing there, it was too much for this Ogre.

Arisen in a compromised position.

And this Eliminator can't handle Max's buttocks up!

This party has been taking its toll, and this Ogre is the last one standing.

It's four on one now. The gang rushes in to bang this Ogre!


The sun is coming up (somewhere in Gransys) and it's time to head back home. Arisen passes out in a gutter, of course. The other guys ravage a nearby Saurian. Poor thing.

The only thing that was missing during the party was...

You know how it goes with guys drunk off their arse. Always up to misschief. Spider Baseball with warhammers anyone?


I hope you're satisfied, Soul. :)
Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko

User Info: soulinsanity

4 years ago#265
_ard... your freaking amazing XD i havent laughed that hard in sooo long thank you! you pass the challenge and now are a true Arisen and man!
PSN: soulinsanity
Pawn : Horo - lvl 200 - Vocation : strider - One does not Simply Save the World Without a Harem -

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#266
The pleasure was all mine. I mean, you're welcome. The best part was probably once the most brutal and heated fight I've ever been in was finally over. Mac considered it nothing more than warm-up...

These themed challenges gave me a much needed change of pace from the usual dragonforging and Daimon runs. I ought to do more of them, when somebody thinks of one.

For now just two comet shots.


Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#267
Ugh, what an absolutely rubbish weekend. Half of these pictures turned out to be way too dark and I came down with a nasty cold. For some reason, pawn lanterns do a very poor job of lighting up the pawns. But finally, here they are. My full BBI run with Silvi and Amaya.

Laying the pain onto an Ogre or four. They cower in fear of our massive onslaught.

Silvi is determined to complete the BBI challenge. After wiping out the manly musk arena, It's time for a well-dese OMG IT'S A POOL!

BOOSH! Teaching these very persistent skeleton lords a lesson.

The advantage of being midgets. Silly dragon must've been searching around for over an hour.

One part of the BBI challenge not death traps. CH-CH-CHEST ROULETTE! Rrrrrrrround ONE.

No winner. Rrrrrrrrrround TWO.

Again? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrround THREE!

That was stupid. Nobody has survived the chest roulette at the Cathedral, ever. Arisen grumbles and decides to go take frustration on the Dark Bishop. The pawns gladly assist, of course. But that dang bishop keeps floating up. The girls get clever and use the nearby debris as a springboard.

On our way throough the lower stratum. An Ogre dropkicks Amaya. He missed and overshot.

"A day without mining is a day not having served the Arisen!". Arisen teaches the baby pawn valuable lessons about pawnship.

Golden Knights! Arisen orders Calista to learn about them! "Like what?" she asks. Arisen does not know, anything that fills up the third star that would later be filled from a rent!
Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#268
Eliminator, who just dropped before we got a chance to close in. No doubt Amaya glared at him.

"It's too tall!"

"See, Silvi. That last Prisoner Cyclops attacked us because someone was stupid enough to break it free. Probably those two up there climbing the other Prisoner Cyclops. You're a good girl to stay here with me and not attack it while it's harmless! Good girl!"

This BBI run will not end without a chest roulette winner. Rrrrrrround FOUR!

This is ridiculous... Round... five... yeah...

Hah HA! Silvi wins! We laugh, and then remember to break Amaya free just in time. We move on and Silvi merrily takes on an enemy her own size.

Amaya is super minged off and topples a dragon.

She hits it so hard, it explodes.

And just right out annihilates it.

There were two dragons though, which she seemed to have forgotten about... Oops! Silvi to the rescue!

The dragon incurs the wrath of two midget pawns and pays dearly.

Phew... Amaya spots another chest roulette opportunity and wants a rematch. Arisen would rather not, given how long it took the last time and we're almost to Daimon's place. Arisen calls it a sudden death, to which Amaya agrees, convinced she'll win.
Amaya, again minged off by the lack of result. (Nobody told her Maneaters don't ever spawn in the Spanyard, oops!)

On our way to Daimon. Thunderwyvern is doing that rooftop balancing act again.

"Here we are! The big anti-climax! Silvi, pay attention. If your Arisen can't beat both forms under a single minute, she's not a very good Arisen!" Arisen mockingly instructs as the pawns charge the Daimon. Amaya does it so moonwalking.

"Forgot to clock it, well you got the idea right? Group shot!". Amaya tells Arisen to sod off.

Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko

User Info: soulinsanity

4 years ago#269
hahaha good job as always _ard! For once its not my pawn getting Nomed on XD
PSN: soulinsanity - Pawn: Horo - Lvl 200 - Vocation: Strider - DA
ALT: StrikeZeroSoul - Pawn: Silvi - Lvl <100 - Vocation: Warrior till 100 then Ranger - DA

User Info: _ard

4 years ago#270
Comet shots!


Less dark Silvi




Twins Calista & Yuri, Calista's mentor in knowledge of the most peskiest of monsters.




And one more pic of my Arisen bugging out between Daimon's arms. I was latched onto its hand when it did the rift thing. My Arisen was being sucked into the rift roughly a meter above the actual vortex. Damn cheater Daimon, sore loser!
Pawn: Calista | Torpor ranger | Lvl 200 | PSN: ardpsiko
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