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User Info: RealXaenith

4 years ago#1
So I want to main-class warrior but I have heard that their lack of magic defense is quite troublesome in late game and dark arisen areas which I plan to do.

I've leveled to 52 mostly as warrior but with a few levels as fighter and assassin as well.

I plan to level about 10-15 times as sorc and then switch to magic knight until 100 to boost my mdef and mag without sacrificing too much in hp, defense and stamina.

I figure I will go for an elemental weapons build since I will have high mag and str so I can dual main warrior and magic knight.

Also a technical question, I know mag affects damage done by weapons with innate elements but by how much? And if I'm using a raw long sword or hammer and receive an elemental enchantment does my mag stat then factor into my damage as well?

If so a str and mag build seems like the way to go

User Info: RealXaenith

4 years ago#2
Buried to page 3 without a response =X I figure I need the extra mdef but sorc levels forgo lots of HP so it's a bit of a trade-off. Am thinking I'll level as sorc at least to max the vocation then switch to mystic knight until 100 then start being a warrior again.

It's a shame warriors and fighters both only get 1 mdef per level pre-100...

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#3
Take a look at these two topics, we're talking about exactly the same thing:



User Info: RealXaenith

4 years ago#4
I've read those fully which gave me some of the information I have but I felt like there were no definitive conclusions about it.

And my specific inquiry about weapon elemental spells' damage being affected by the mag stat of the person using the weapon. Suppose I might so some testing in it

User Info: NuuType

4 years ago#5
I can't answer your more technical questions but in my experience in BBI so far using mostly Mystic Knight, Magick Archer, and Assassin, I've literally had the easiest time using the Warrior.

....Main being it forces you into a no nonsense approach. No charging Sigil traps, or buffing. No maintaining distance for sniping. Just brawling - only thing needed is well stock of stamina items and useful pawns
Probability of mission hiderance..zero percent

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#6
Well, yes, we didn't came to a conclusion in those topic, regarding how much mdef is actually needed for a melee character.

What I can say is that I have a strength-based character with low mdef (168 base). With BBI LV 3 gear (tier 1, the "weaker" versions of the ultimate armors) I can get my mdef up to 650-700 (depending on the vocation and thus the armors I can equip).

First of all, you're playing in normal mode, there's next to nothing to worry about. No magic attacks by anyone will probably be a concern to you, even with low mdef. The only exception is Daimon, but even then it's totally manageable.

If you're playing in hard mode, there are some monsters that can give you problems. First of all, let me say that with the aforementioned mdef rating, magic attacks by common enemies are not a problem for me. I can take on very well magic by Goblin-casters and skeleton mages; corrupted pawn sorcerer-types cast more powerful magics, but I don't remember having problems with them either (unless I'm hit by maelstrom, but I think that malestrom kills you outright regardless of mdef).

In my experience, there are only 3 enemies whose magic attacks are a concern: Dire Wyrms, Living Armors and Daimon. Dire Wyrms can cast Frigor and Bolide, and those HURT (note: Frigor casted by a Magic Goblin won't do nearly as much damage as one casted by a Dire Wyrm). I was once one-shotted by a Stone Forest by a Living Armor. And Daimon's magic attacks also hurt like hell, especially those by the second form. Some can one-shot you if you have not at least 600 mdef.

My suggestion is that, if you are building a melee character, you should invest some in mdef to be on the safe side, but not overdo it and not sacrifice other important stats (such as HP, strength and defense) to build mdef too much. After all, magic attacks are a lot easier to avoid than physical, and BBI gear helps a lot anyway.

As for elemental boons being based on your MAG rating, I have no definitive answer, but most likely they do. However, unless you plan on playing some classes that actively uses magic (such as Mystic Knight), there's no need to invest any in magic stat, it's better to focus on strength. If you want to build up some mdef without sacrificing too much HP, strength or defense, you can level up as a Ranger or as a Mystic Knight.

User Info: RealXaenith

4 years ago#7
Well here is what I've decided I'm going to do with her until level 100.

Right now stats are:

2,883 hp, 1,662 stam
378 str, 292 def,
249 mag, 204 mdef

At level 76...

I plan to gain 10 levels as sorc, 10 as mystic knight and 4 as warrior putting me at 100.

This will give

+580 hp, +390 stam
+80 str, +52 def
+88 mag, +84 mdef

Leaving me with these stats at 100...

3,463 hp, 2052 stam
458 str, 344 def
337 mag, 288 mdef

I feel this should leave my character with close to ideal stats for playing as warrior and mystic knight. I will surely post here later on as well and anyone's thoughts on stat builds for warriors are totally welcome or ideas on this if you think I got something wrong.

User Info: RealXaenith

4 years ago#8
It would also be nice to know how damage is split between being derived from strength and magic when using weapons with an innate elemental attribute. They always raise magic as well as strength so it seems to be a logical guess that the damage they deal is affected by both stats. This raises more questions that answers though...

Do they both have an equal effect in terms of damage output where 1 point in either is the same? Or does strength or magic have an advantage in general. I would imagine that magic might even have a greater effect when attacking an enemy who is weak to the weapon's element. If so then maxing both strength and magic is the best way to make a pure damage dealer.

User Info: Phil_Resch

4 years ago#9
Those build seems very balanced, and probably suitable for both a warrior and mystic knight. Perhaps stamina is a bit low, though...? For a warrior that would be no problem, they don't need a lot of stamina, but I can't say for a mystic knight (I played as one only for a short while). I know their bread and butter are Great Cannon and Ruinous Sigil, plus the magical shield skills, so you'll be probably casting quite a lot of magic.

As for elemental weapons, I'm not 100% sure I've got this right, but it should work like this. Total damage of the weapon is the sum of physical damage and elemental damage; elemental damage, however, has to overcome enemies' mdef too, so the total damage you will be dealing also factors in enemies' mdef. Moreover, if an enemy is strong against that particular element you'll do less damage, while of course if he's weak you'll do more damage.

Again, I'm no mystic knight expert, but when playing as one it should be always preferable to use an elemental weapon, since it will raise your magic attack stat, and MK's magical sword/mace skills of course draw power from it. Great Cannon, however, should get its total damage 40% from your physical strength stat and 60% from your magical strength.

User Info: RealXaenith

4 years ago#10
That's about what I thought about how elemental weapons work too.

I did have to sacrifice on stamina to get those stats but I figured if anything its the least helpful considering the opportunity cost being other, more beneficial, stats.

I tend to play MK more like a fighter with some support magic. I usually just enchant my weapon if I'm not using the right element already and then rush in, tearing whatever it is apart with normal combos chained to Full Moon Slash and usually starting with a well-placed Burst Strike. The MK normal hit combo is actually pretty powerful.

I always have Great Cannon as my third weapon skill but I never end up using it too much. It is great for flying enemies obviously and it can also do sick damage to larger targets if you place it just right. If the cannon is close enough you can be hitting both the monster and the cannon with physical attacks which triggers the cannon to hit the monster as well.

This works best against large enemies that you can stun, like say the Drake. I'll wait til he's on the ground flailing and place a cannon right on his heart. He gets up by the time its up and if the cannon was placed right you can rip him to shreds hitting 1x with sword and 2-3 times with cannon per swing straight to the heart.

Beyond things like this I find the casting time on Great Cannon annoying and prefer to just dash in and rip the little-to-medium sized mobs apart with my elemental sword.

As for Ruinous Sigil I've never figured out how to use it effectively, definitely not a MK master yet.

And for Warrior the decreased stamina shouldn't be too much of a problem either since stringing normal hits in can with charge attacks can help preserve stamina.

And using the str and mag build allows one to take Clout and Acuity for a near 40% damage boost with only two slots. Single-type builds have to take one 10% buff instead ending up with only 30%.

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