Pawn Class?

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User Info: MrJinxed

4 years ago#1
whats a good pawn to acompany an assassin. im going for the max strength assassin, but i do what to tackle the bbi with a party.

User Info: Havoku

4 years ago#2

User Info: TaigaWilliam

4 years ago#3
Mage is what I did. It allows you to play rather recklessly, which is a lot of fun on an Assassin.
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User Info: whitewitch12

4 years ago#4
A mage is always good to have with you.

User Info: basra85

4 years ago#5
my pawn on my max str 'sin is a sorcerer. if you want heals give all pawns Spring Water and throw caution to the wind.
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User Info: Heisenbird

4 years ago#6
Leveling mine as a Warrior, but he's gonna be a Ranger. There are plenty of good mages in the Rift.
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