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User Info: thekeogh

4 years ago#321
Pixie thanks very much:

NutZack | 526k RC | BBI Weap lv3
HereticD | 65k RC | Perfect herb ale

Plus a 5* rating, cheers guys!
1. PSN: thekeogh | Pixie | <100 | Mage | DA
2. PSN: keogh | Goro | Retiring

User Info: RedEyeDeath331

4 years ago#322
Please take me off the list Both Pawns Plz
. I haven't had much freetime lately for Dragons Dogma. Im not finished with the game so I may return to the club but I won't be returning rents anytime here soon.

Im also staying off the message boards for this website. GameFAQs isnt the same as it once was. Too many haters, trolls, immaturity(I am not speaking of anyone from this thread).

I just wanted to say this board is the best board on this website. You all should be very proud of yourselves(seriously you guys stand above the rest in my eyes). The Legend of Dragoon guys are cool too. I am glad i could be apart of this club and you awesome gamers. Thanks for everything!

Good Luck, Stay Awesome OPSC!!
PSN: RedEyeDeath331 Pawn: Lolth lvl ~110 Ranger/Fighter (DA)
FF14 ARR: Rogue Jarlaxle (Leviathan)

User Info: Bouke

4 years ago#323
Sorry for not being very active/ not playing DD at all for the past week.
I had things (life) and it's almost too hot for playing videogames at the moment.

Also Dks. That cursed game continues to never quite leave me alone.
PSN: RiverChaucer3rd: Mina (Level 200) [Sorceress]
~{Utilitarian/ Challenger}~ *Send FR for free hires*

User Info: lobono

4 years ago#324
Thank you, NutZack, for 397k RC, BBI wep Lvl 3, and lots of knowledge.

Also, what is everyone's opinion on Steel Will? I currently have it on Iris and I notice she uses it a lot but is it really worth having?
PSN: Bpash123
Lobono | Bpash123 | Iris| 50-60| Fighter| DA

User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#325
Just released andifirefuse's Tonks and gymleaderkevin's Juniper after our earlier kill on 297.

Nightshade thanks RegaliaVX for 294k RC, 5*s, and a royal banner

Belladonna thanks IkatsuiKarite for 22k Rc, 5*s, and a kept golden egg

The rest of these are from a few days ago, and I'm not sure if I posted them already - lost some of my notes :(
Kelayr for 159k Rc, 5*s, Ne'er do part
Basra85b for Cursed Dragon Scale, 5*s, and I somehow neglected to write down RC

I think these were rents on my alts
vikashharlalka for 38k RC, 5*s, and mages periapt
rockyterrain for 11k Rc, 5*s, and finest herb ale

My apologies if I missed anyone.
PSN: nathan-hankins, Pawn: Nightshade -Lv 200 Sorceress
PSN: nhankins7, Belladonna - Mage ~ PSN: nhankins777, Morrigan - Ranger

User Info: ivory3333

4 years ago#326
want to thank rockyterrain for 180k rc, lv 3 cursed weapon, unfimiliar quest knowledge (??), area knowledge of gransys and 5 stars. =D

rockyterrain posted...

ivory3333's Lily Hope Lily came home with only 5* rating. She turned to stone against a Lich (she has only 45% petrification resistance) and refused to drink her Secret Softener.

yeah i had choice of giving her either 100% petrification resistance or grand skill. was hoping she would use consumable to remove her petrification but some how she doesn't use them.
"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." W. Churchill
PSN: zsivory7777 - Lily - 200 - Sorcerer- DA

User Info: lobono

4 years ago#327
Released Tellah and picked up Morrigan.

There is nothing I would change about Tellah honestly, I think his skill set as a Sorcerer is perfect.
PSN: Bpash123
Lobono | Bpash123 | Iris| 50-60| Fighter| DA

User Info: SlickPantaloons

4 years ago#328
Want to thank:

vikashharlalka for 346k RC, 5* ratings, and a dose of strength

basra85 for 1 mil RC, 5* ratings, a jester outfit, and fae-silver plate - haha I was surprised to see the jester outfit

rockyterrain for 225k RC, 5* ratings, and a BB Wep lv. 3


I'm releasing Maerlyn and Arya now. Sorry for the earlier return on Arya. She decided to suicide off the edge while I was looting a chest. I guess she was tired of running with me.
SlickPantaloons | NutZack | Cassandra | 200 | Fighter | DA

User Info: Enneagramm

4 years ago#329
Falthin posted...
Enneagramm for 245,881 rc, a bone lantern, 5* and lovely comment
Thank you for using her, I'll take Icy out again soon, she was good in a fight.

No rush. :) I've been making minor changes to Icy here and there with armor, weapons, inclinations, augments, etc. just to switch it up a little and try things out, so her set up may not be the most optimal... but it's nothing crazy. :P

I released and rehired Sorsha as I'm making my way through the main story again in a very random pick up and play manner. I also have Pixie along with me currently.

I have some thanks to give out, but I don't have that info with me, so that'll have to wait till a little later! :)
PSN: Enneagramm | Pawn: Icy | 200 | Fighter

User Info: baby blastoderm

baby blastoderm
4 years ago#330
Falthin posted...
baby blastoderm posted...

Been having trouble getting the striped pelt, of all things, to drop so if you got a spare one it would be nice. If you don't have a spare, any gift is ok. :)

Striped pelt sent from Catti-Brie - she had to come out of retirement as even Snowflake didn't have one of those despite all her time in BBI.

Meanwhile : Catti-Brie sends thanks and Snggles to:

Acasser for 310,930 rc, small fish, 5* and lovely comment.

( that was probably from a while ago , so sorry if its a bit late , thank you )

Sorsha would like to send thanks and Snuggles to :

Enneagramm for 245,881 rc, a bone lantern, 5* and lovely comment
Thank you for using her, I'll take Icy out again soon, she was good in a fight.

also, ThornWinterstorm, for 186,171 rc and 3* , no indication of what she's dying of but thanks for using her anyway.

Thank you, Falthin. For some reason, the giant saurians(all of them) do not like to give me their rare drops. My characters must not like lizards. :P
Now Playing: Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, The Last of Us, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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