Ur Dragon Gen 297

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User Info: Kelayr

4 years ago#31
Thanks Julien for the GP call, and all the best for that dentist visit. /shudders

User Info: nimdude

4 years ago#32
16 hearts and after 15 geil flow away.

went back in, grace over...
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User Info: kuroken92

4 years ago#33
thanks for the grace call Julien-S, I was about to knock out for the night/morning lol

had a 1 on the tail, 1 left rib, 1 neck, 3 front leg and paw, 2 hind left leg, 1 hind right leg, 2 front right leg and 1 on wing

i messed up the first time because i attempted to do this kill with a MA and accidentally set the wrong skill in. Confused Grand Scension with Immolation for some reason, guess I need some sleep. Then when i got it to one heart I remembered that MF doesn't work with MA then it flew off -__-
PSN: kuroken92
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User Info: Ahartono99

4 years ago#34
So many hearts to break...
No luck for me :(. Got to the last heart and it flew off before I managed to land the killing blow... Well, there is always next time.

User Info: ACasser

4 years ago#35
*grumble* *grumble* Figures the rare morning where I have to work early and be out of the house for an hour-and-a-half would be a morning where Ur drops dead and fits his Grace Period neatly into that window. I'd have probably missed it anyhow -- I tend to sleep in a little later if I don't have early work -- but I can't even use Pierce's favorite excuse for this one. =)

Julien-S posted...
Now off to the dentist for impacted wisdom tooth surgery. Eep.

Oy, that isn't fun. Best of luck with that.

User Info: PierceLee

4 years ago#36
Finally a grace period in Asia night time (9PM+ Tokyo). For the last one you will have to go all the way back to gen 275, some 24 gens ago. After so many GPs (>13) happening during Asia's sleeping hours, it's only fair :)

Strange, Dan missed 4 in a row. His last kill was gen 293. Wonder if he is just taking a break, afterall he has a 43 kills lead.
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