Ur Dragon Gen 298

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User Info: ACasser

4 years ago#131
I'm willing to make notes for my portion of the list if there's a concrete desire to construct a Leaderboard. I'm going to be stuck in my spot for a while anyhow, because the next group up from me has two kills in hand at the moment.

User Info: PierceLee

4 years ago#132
Maybe we do one after 299, since 299 seem to be squishy and may not last too long. Use 299 as a dry run, so that by 300 we will have enough people to construct the leaderboard view together.
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User Info: nimdude

4 years ago#133
so close, yet so far...
missed again, damn.
PSN: nimrod2009us /// Rachel (F) | lvl 200 | Strider or Fighter | (DD, vanilla)
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