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User Info: ACasser

4 years ago#411
Nightshade and Ari have been released with the kill on Ur-302.

Kyuusaisha_ posted...
Also, does anyone have any advice about the third star knowledge for Ogres & Elder Ogres? I believe I casted every debilitation I could think of on them. Nada.

It's a "kill count" thing -- you have to commit a level of genocide on the things in addition to all the other stuff like debilitations and the like. I recall going through this experience in vanilla DD with Gloriana's bestiary and regular Ogres, and I believe everything on BBI has a required kill count as well.

It's not necessarily a small number, either. But at least for "regular" Ogres, there are several good spots to hunt them in postgame Gran Soren.

User Info: nhankins7

4 years ago#412
Just released vikashharlalka's Arya and His Roundness, vajayjae's Balzack Brime after having them with me for the kill on 302.

Nightshade thanks ACasser for bringing her along for 302. 15,210 RC, 5*s, and a wakestone (I think).
PSN: nathan-hankins, Pawn: Nightshade -Lv 200 Sorceress
PSN: nhankins7, Belladonna - Mage ~ PSN: nhankins777, Morrigan - Ranger

User Info: WickedBR

4 years ago#413
Going to start BBI now. Just finished that boring part of the guards in Gran Soren. Any tips on the isle? I played with my last account there but they were already lv 200, now i'm going with a party of lv 80.

PS; WTF? My Dragon's Crown has already been shipped!
PSN: WickedBR
WickedBR | WickedBR | Leone | 70+ | Ranger | DA

User Info: HastatusAtratus

4 years ago#414
Selene and I would like to thank:

vikashharlalka for 597k RC, 5*, Angel's Periapt, and all the best to me comment.
tarachris4ever for 143k RC, 5*, Pilgrim's Charm, and employed skills masterfully comment.

PSN: Hastatus_Atratus
PAWN: Dark Arisen - Selene - lvl 200 - Strider - Knowledge Mastered

User Info: ACasser

4 years ago#415
Kyuusaisha_ posted...
Also, does anyone have any advice about the third star knowledge for Ogres & Elder Ogres? I believe I casted every debilitation I could think of on them. Nada.

Also worth noting: There are a few "unusual" activities involving Ogres that your pawns might wish to observe. You can climb on an Ogre's back to prompt him to flop on his back and crush you beneath him. Also worth doing: dress a male Pawn or Arisen in women's clothing and let the Ogre pick you up and "discover" the tasty nougat filling and react to finding a man where he expected a woman.

I did that last one with my (male) Arisen and only my own pawn along, disarmed so that she couldn't do anything other than watch. Not saying that either one will tease out the 3rd star -- it's almost certainly a "kill count" thing as I speculated above -- but those are two different things that fall under the general heading of "ogre knowledge".

User Info: vikashharlalka

4 years ago#416
basra85 posted...
vikashharlalka posted...
Released Sekth and Icy. Please remove Sekth's Guardian inclination, While fighting Daimon, she just stood next to me.

When u fight Daimon pawns actually help? i have never had pawns help vs Daimon they always stand around me no matter their inclination. That may be because i almost always fight him as a MA though.

Usually pawns aren't much help when fighting Daimon. But that's the time I noticed that Sekth wasn't doing anything. I also had Selene with me and she would take off half a bar as soon as the fight started.
PSN: vikashharlalka, Pawn: Arya - level 200 Sorceress

User Info: vikashharlalka

4 years ago#417
Arya smooches the following wonderful people:

HastatusAtratus for 783k RCs, Lvl3 Armor, Golden Knights knowledge! (YAY 3rd star!), 5*s and an adorable comment;
paasky for 100k RCs, Sullied Rift Fragment, 5*s and a compelling comment; and
nathan-hankins for 30k RCs, Wyrmking's ring, 5*s and an entrancing comment.
PSN: vikashharlalka, Pawn: Arya - level 200 Sorceress

User Info: HaishaZangi

4 years ago#418
bpash123 170k RC, Cursed Dragon Horn + Foe Knowledge Iris is getting ahead now ain't she?

I just spent an hour cheezing a FireDrake in BBI. Saved at last smidge of health and Godsbaned when it didn't forge what I wanted, but it forged a ton of other stuff. Came back and it is now full health. FML. Shoulda just been happy with what I got.
PSN: Zangi_of_Nydus | Pawn: Jayle | 11X | Ranger

User Info: Kyuusaisha_

4 years ago#419
@ ACasser

Thank you! I will give those a shot. I also kind of figured it'd be a kill count thing, so I haven't turned down a fight with any enemy I need the third star for, of which is alot.

atm I'm farming Geo Saurians and Skeleton Lords in Moonsbit Pass with Iris (to return the favor and hopefully get her a star on them) and Selene (who I hope will yell out some tactics I haven't done), as I'm pretty sure those require a kill count for the third star. I've only killed around 70-80 of pretty much every single enemy I need a third star for, so I have a long ways to go.
PSN: IkatsuiKarite | Pawn: Miss Stalker | 200 | Sorceress

User Info: Ironheim

4 years ago#420
Ironheim | Ironheim | Aura | 57 | Sorcerer | DA

Hi guys, im on my first play through and just beat Grigori and getting ready to go to Everfall. Im wanting to hire some good pawns for my journey ahead. Looking for knowledge and abssinal/mystic knight gear for BBI after i run through the Everfall.
PSN: Ironheim | Aura | 55 | Sorcerer | DA
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