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User Info: gioFAQS

4 years ago#1
Does a Sorcerer's Band with the following combination exist?

Gicel / High Gicel to Grand Gicel
Fulmination / High Fulmination to Grand Fulmination

I want to hear if someone actually HAS a Sorcerer's Band with this EXACT combination in their possession. I know what the wiki says about Sorcerer's Bands, but I want to know if anyone has actual proof that this combination is possible.

I personally don't believe that it is since I have been purifying Level 3 Gear for a long time and I have NEVER seen it.
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User Info: Kelayr

4 years ago#2
I don't think that particular combination is possible, since the possible combinations are set in stone and not variable as the wiki makes it seem. The three flavours of Sorcerer's Bands I have are Bolide/Gicel, Fulmination/Seism, and Gicel/Seism.
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