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User Info: paasky

4 years ago#51
Laura sends enormous thanks and greetings to ...

- CChartier2 (pawn Charlie) for 98 804 RC, a Blessed Flower , 5*rating and Offered precision support compliment

- giraffes132 (pawn Guts) for 188 120 RC

All rents much appreciated! :)

I have now changed Laura to Mage. This may be temporary depending the field reports so I would appreciate for any feedback if you try her out.
PSN: Nasty-Alex | Laura | Mage lvl 80
PSN: laura-a-t | Lara Croft | Fighter lvl 200

User Info: paasky

4 years ago#52
Also hired and released the following fantastic pawns today ...

Beotyler2's Lily
LucifielMourning's Axel
drlumpkin's Athena
CChartier2's Charlie
giraffes132's Guts
PSN: Nasty-Alex | Laura | Mage lvl 80
PSN: laura-a-t | Lara Croft | Fighter lvl 200

User Info: the_requiem

4 years ago#53
Arya thanks:

gfDragoon for 85k RC, BBI Armor Lv 2, Foe x2, location x1, 3x5* ratings and "It has been a pleasure" comment.
ferxzero for 26k RC, BBI Novelty Lv 1, Location x1, 3x5* ratings and "My pawn in your hands" comment. I'll be taking your pawn alongwith Nemo on trips through BBI.
BeoTyler2 for 184k RC, Sour Ambrosial Meat, Foe x6, 3x5* ratings and a support pawn's favorite "Offered Precision support" comment.
wolvo_lad1983 for 38k RC, BBI Weapon Lv 2, 3x5* and "Offered Precision support" comment.
drlumpkin for 18k RC, Daimon's Claw [much appreciated], Foe x1, 3x5* ratings and "Offered precision support" comment.

Going by comments looks like Arya is doing just the sort of job I expected her to do. She's currently on a tour of post-game Gran Soren with Draven and Axel but her progress is rather slow. Am still concentrating on Nemo and farming Daimon for BBI Lv3 stuff.
DarkArisen : the_requiem | wreck_em | Nemo | 200 | Mage
the_requiem | wreck_gow | Arya | 60+ | Ranger

User Info: GoldenEyeLegend

4 years ago#54
Yeah, Arya was putting torpor on things for fun! Certainly makes those gorecyclops more manageable for my sorcerer arisen.
PSN: WolvoLad & Wolvo_lad1983

User Info: PaperGiraffes

4 years ago#55
Thanks everyone for the help got a total of 977k RC and some nice items hope I get my level 3 daggers out of that weapon XD
PSN: giraffes132 Pawn: Guts : Fighter : 110 : DA

User Info: Beotyler

4 years ago#56
Lily sends a thank you to...

Drlumkin 5*s, 54,320 RC, BBI armor lv. 1
Private 5*s , 21,708 RC, Airtight flask,
Laura-a-t 5*s, 417,874 RC, BBI armor lv. 3
CCharier2 5*s, 233,994, BBI armor lv. 3

Just released a batch of pawn buddies from my care as well ^_^. Lily really appreciates all the rents, She is gonna be 200 in no time. Hunting Thunderwyvern for a horn, They never seem to want to drop or else I am just missing it.

Also I have no idea why someone would want to be set as private.
PSN: Beotyler - Friend me if you need to rent Pawn: Dark Arisen - Michelle - Sorcerer Level 200
PSN:Beotyler2 - DA Pawn - Lily - Strider Level 177

User Info: cjchartier

4 years ago#57
Thanks to these fine folks:

drlumpkin for the 104,658 RC, Conqueror's Periapt, 5* ratings and "Excelled in all regards" comment.

dragontongue88 for the 379,516 RC, Moonshimmer Pelt (I needed this, thanks.), 5* ratings and "Excelled in all regards" comment.

Kosiciel for the 235,946 RC, Blast Arrow, Area Knowledge, 5* ratings and "I stand impressed,ser!" comment.

lauar-a-t for the 228,504 RC, Snakeskin Purse, 5* ratings and "It has been a pleasure" comment.

Beotyler2 for the 435,769 RC, Blessed Flower, 5* ratings and "'Tis an honor" comment.

All hires are greatly appreciated.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 200/Strider (DA)

User Info: fastknight45

4 years ago#58
hired the following
WovloLad - Ruffneck
MaxActo r-Andyse
amazing pawns , sadly death got them but still amazing
Ruffneck made 2 frostwryms cry v.v
PSN trikiller_pro Pawn: mikasa level 200 ranger DD only atm
alt PSN XRukioriX Pawn; destiny level 200 strider DD/DA

User Info: rockyterrain

4 years ago#59
I see Willow has been extremely busy over the weekend while I was out of town!

Many thanks and much gratitude to the members who kept her busy!...

nhankins, 74k RC, an Apple 5* ratings and "My Thanks!"...and mine as well!
conspiraicies a Duke's treasury room full of RC!, Ne'er-Do-Part, 5* ratings and "Always a Pleasure!"...same here! Willow needs to invite some more of your pawn stable out to play!
the_requiem, a near fully loaded nuclear device worth of RC, Blessed Flower, 5* rating and said Willow was an "Invaluable Asset'! She loves being invaluable!
Drlumpkin, 70k RC, a Daimon relic from his defeat, 5* ratings, and another of those coveted comments for a Support Mage..."Offered Precision Support"!
Karmikazee, non-member?, 164k RC, Blessed Flower, 5* ratings and a very flattering compliment from a random hire..."I Stand Impressed, Ser!"

Amadahy and Willow also bade adieu to Karathrax's Segnbora leaving an open slot to run with Willow and Tonks. Will do some return rents and see how some of the newer members' pawns have been leveling up and then also take Durske along for some debilitating arrows training...

And with the mention of Durske, this post by Jules McGrules made my day...

Jules_McGrules posted...

Durske is a pretty damn good torpor Ranger. It really does make BBI easy to a point. X)

Durske is my alt's pawn and he owes an incredible amount of thanks to the members of the OPSC. You all have been awesome in accepting FRs from an unknown HillbillyDuke and even more so in reciprocating a non-member PSN ID's pawn rents.

I've kept track and my list follows, but first an EXTRA BIG THANK-YOU to the Dragoon legion and the many, many rents from Viconia, Jaheira and Kivan and the seemingly infinite number of gifts of BBI Armor, BBI Weapons, BBI Gear, BBI Novelties, other equipment and items contibuted to Durske's upbringing! Not to mention all the RC, knowledge of foes, areas, quests and Gransys that came with them and the incredible compliments and supportive comments along the way!

Beotyler, 26k RC, Liftstone, 5* rating, Unfamiliar Foe Knowledge
Jules McGrules, 16k RC, Liquid Vim, 5* ratings, Foe, Quest and Area Knowledge, and "Employed Skills Masterfully". Excellent to know!
nhankins Wyrmking's Ring, 5* ratings and "My Thanks"! Again, I say mine, as well!
the_requiem, 72k RC, Blessed Flower, Foe, Quest Knowledge, 5* ratings and said Durske, "Was an Invaluable Asset"! Awesome to hear!
Hanamidu, a random?, 25k RC, Grandgrapes, Foe, Quest, Area Knowledge, 5* ratings and said Durske was, "Our Finest Warrior!"
Drlumpkin, 10k RC, BBI Weapon 1, Foe Knowledge, 5* ratings and Actively Battle Foes.
Franlin42, a random?, 11k RC, Sour Beast Steak and 5* Appearance, 3* Combat, 4* Support.

I'll add Durske to the OPSC list and will likely keep him a Ranger for the club. Will do some offline vocational training for Sorcerer and Mage to get his Magick Def up.

Edit: btw, Durske is currently in the company of his Dark Elf cousin, Viconia and paasky's Laura.

Again, thank you!

PSN: RockyTerrain | Willow | 200 | Mage
PSN: HillbillyDuke | Durske | 44 | Ranger
When a man is wrong and won't admit it, he always gets angry.---Thomas Haliburton.

User Info: cjchartier

4 years ago#60
Released Lily and Nilin, following a couple of Daimon runs. Both pawns are proving themselves very helpful. And, although Lily may be small, she packs a hell of a punch. Enjoyed them both.

Hired Sara from the DA OPSC spreadsheet, and Durske from the DD OPSC. Will try to earn them both a fair amount of RC.
cjchartier/PSN: CChartier2/Pawn:Charlie/Lvl. 200/Strider (DA)
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