Just to clarify...Dark Arisen uses the same save data right?

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  3. Just to clarify...Dark Arisen uses the same save data right?

User Info: zyrax2301

3 years ago#1
I can pick up from where I left off using my main Arisen? He's pretty freakin' powerful, can take on the Everfall and Ur Dragon solo (offline) no worries...at least I think I can, it's been a while. Will a high level character be able to enjoy Bitterblack Isle or will he just stomp it?
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User Info: AlexChill

3 years ago#2
How high lvl is your character?
Well, even if you were lvl200 you wouldnt 'stomp' bbi. Especially if its your first run through. It's more likely bbi monsters will stomp you ;)
But to answer your first question, yes you can keep all your progress. When you first start up DA it will automatically import you DD savefile. Then simply choose load game from the menu instead of new game and you will pick up exactly where you left of.

User Info: BSpokemonfan

3 years ago#3
Once imported over, can you still play on regular?
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User Info: Toadwartt

3 years ago#4
You can if you use old vanilla disc. You will load off the old save including level you left off with that disc.
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User Info: ZeroJinKui

3 years ago#5
its probably best to be around level 100 at the minimum for BBI... though the recommended level is probably the max, level 200... cause even then, the monsters are still capable of kicking your ass.

hell, one of the enemies is death himself... and he lives up to his name, as one of his attacks can insta-kill you and your pawns, as well as automatically send your pawns back to the rift.
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User Info: Sera67

3 years ago#6
DD and DD:DA use there own Save file and Install Data.

You can load your DD save during DD:DA once. (when no Dark Arisen save is present)
The game will make copy of your DD save andmake a DA version of it.

You can however go back and play DD, However, DO NOT go online. Your Pawn data can get messed up. And screw up any gifts and rents.
There really no reason to go back to DD, as DD:DA has everything you need.

Only things to note, buy airtight flasks in DD, store don't sell them in DD:DA.
If you wish to start a new character.. ether make a new PS3 account. (No PSN needed)

You can how ever make a new DD save, That way you can restart Dark Arisen at anytime and save some time. (and get bonus items)
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  3. Just to clarify...Dark Arisen uses the same save data right?

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