Mystic knight need help with experts!!!!

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User Info: Fiz

3 years ago#1
Mystic knight help. I would love some great intel with indepth with skills
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#1garra779Posted 6/20/2014 11:21:21 AMmessage detailquote
Sinew ,Prescience ,Vehemence ,Clout Acuity ,Articulacy ,Bloodlust ,Opportunism are these augments good for a more melee build for mystic knight I would not like to use great cannon just beacuse seems thats the only skill people use so I rather have more fun than just spamming 1 skill for every enemie I like getting in their faces. I have some questions about how if I want to use sword and shield and also a staff. Just so I can use levitate and some spells just to help me out trying to reach some enemies to take them down to my level. If I swap weapons from sword/ mace to staff do I get to reset other skills so at anytime can I have 3 sword 3 sheild and 3 staff spells I techinicly could have all at one time just by equiping a staff. Their is no video on alot of skills or for people to even talk about them on here these are the skills im thinking of having let me know what you think and help I would greatly appreciate it.

Vortex Sigil
Full Moon Slash
Stone Forest

High Levin
High Brontide
High Sopor

Abyssal Anguish
Blessed Trance

Not sure on how I should level I rather be more melee like attacking on the monsters faces by grappling. Not sure on what classes I should divine into first thinking strider just for stamaina than start doing some warrior and fighter fo augments than go to mage/ than after at like 60 or so switch to Mystic knight.

Thanks for reading btw I am not a english Major so no to hurtful comments lol =P
PSN: WngZero_custom
fizz Jr fc- 0433-7354-2511- white 2
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