What exactly is new in this game?

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User Info: BigFH

6 years ago#1
I loved Dead Rising 2 but I am curious what is new in this game from the second one. All I know thus far is that it stars Frank West and includes a new area.

User Info: TB_Kite

6 years ago#2
A New Story, it's not just DR 2's story with Frank copy and pasted over Chuck
New Moves
New Combo Weapons
New Bosses
A New Area to explore and fool around in

I believe that's it, or at least all that's been mentioned so far. Co-Op will have Frank and Chuck and instead of two Franks and Frank will need to take Zombrex like Katie, although with Frank you can take it wherever you want instead of needing to go back to the Safe Room. The Photography System from the first game also returns here.

EDIT: Oh I just remembered, they also added Auto Save checkpoints after Boss Fights and such now so no more having to reload your previous save from a while ago if you end up getting killed right after a Boss battle.
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User Info: OllyKiriyama

6 years ago#3
^ Don't forget this secret game mode, which I'm guessing is infinite mode.
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User Info: BigFH

6 years ago#4
Ah Thanks. That sounds awesome. I think I will have to buy the game now. When I first heard about I thought it was just a new character with new moves and stuff. But I am excited about all of this new stuff.

User Info: K1ngM31220

6 years ago#5
If I were you I would play the first one if you haven't already. The new character is the guy from that one so you'll understand it better.
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  3. What exactly is new in this game?

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