FADC advice.

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User Info: EraseRain

4 years ago#1
I'm asking for advice on how to cancel properly in combos. It seems that the FA will trigger right away each time I try to dash out. What's the window of time I need to dash out?

User Info: icedpotato

4 years ago#2
hold down mp+mk, don't just tap it
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User Info: SMP_hehwat

4 years ago#3
i dont hold it. u gotta dash fast

User Info: Spabobin

4 years ago#4
The best way to do it is to start inputting the dash slightly before you fadc. tap forward twice quickly, and hit mp+mk exactly as you hit forward the second time. if you do it right, you will get the fastest possible FADC timing.

If thats too hard, then hold down mp+mk and dont let go until the dash comes out. Its slower but it works for things like Ryu srk >fadc > u1
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User Info: EraseRain

4 years ago#5
I'll try that out and report back to you guys. Thanks^^

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