Short stories on official site, more on the daily life at Hanzou Academy

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User Info: Blutorange

6 years ago#1

There will for more of those short stories over the next 4 weeks.

Seriously, what are those people smoking?

(May contain very minor spoilers for those who haven't heard anything about this game or its setting.)

Chapter 1
You can touch my breasts, just a little


This is a story from when I just entered the academy.

"Good morning, Asuka!"

Upon hearing Katsuragi's voice, I sprung to my feet at once.

"Something wrong? Suddenly jumping up like that?"

"Ah no, nothing. It's just that you had me startled, talking to me all of a sudden."

"Ho, I see. But how you moved right now, that was fitting for a Shinobi."

While still laughing heartily, I paid uttermost attention to what Katsuragi was
doing. Where she was looking, where she moved her hands, how she was breathing. No signs of anything suspicious. But I couldn't just let my guard down. I was prepared to counteract at any moment.

"Come on already, let's hurry to the classroom or we'll be late."

Katsuragi turned her back on me and left my room. So cold. Icy.

She did not even try to touch my body.

I recalled what Ikaruga told me just after I had entered the academy.

"Listen carefully. Katsuragi will, without fail, attempt to lay her hands on your body."

"Huh!? Why would she do something like that!"

"See, sexual harassment is her hobby. That's why. She calls it teasing*."

I had never heard of any girls with such a hobby. Yet Ikaruga was saying so with a serious face. I couldn't detect any evidence of her lying.

And in fact, I had often seen how Katsuragi would try and grab her breasts.

No, that hadn't been just grabbing. Enthusiastically, she had tried to squeeze them. An icy shudder went down my spine when I thought about whether I would meet the same fate, too.

Run away if she tries anything funny. Say no decisively when she touches you. With all my strength collected, I had made up my mind to socialize with Katsuragi.

...Or so was the idea.

She had shown no absolutely interest in my body.

What did this mean? That I'm not attractive?

I mean, it's not like I want to be touched. It's just that being ignored is equally painful.

That's when I decided to try and draw Katsuragi's attention to me.

At the end of the morning class, it was just me and Katsuragi in the classroom.

"Katsuragi, would you like to eat dinner together with me?"

For starters, I loosened the buttons on uniform, just a bit. That would put
more emphasis on the breasts with which she is so infatuated.

"Yeah, great idea! Shall we go and get some ramen?"

Not the slightest reaction whatsoever.

Had I not done enough yet? Moving on to the next stage of my plan, I took off my school uniform right in front of her.

"He, hey! What are trying to do?"

Under my uniform, I had prepared a race queen** outfit. With high-cut legs, the level of sexiness was at its peak.

"I'm a racequeen! So, what do think now?"

"What I think... Uh, well. A race queen, huh."

...That's strange.

There wasn't nearly enough tension in the air. So if these clothes won't work..

I began to remove my race queen outfit.

"St- Stupid! What are you trying to do! Strip yourself bare in the classroom?"

[cont. next post]
Having recently imported a 3DS, eagerly awaiting Senran Kagura.

User Info: Blutorange

6 years ago#2
Katsuragi was getting all worked up. Good. Very good. She's getting excited. Which means she finally began to take a liking to my appearance.

I took of the race queen out fit completely and was now dressed only in a swimsuit. One which exposes a lot of skin and fits tightly, almost as if cuttingthrough your skin.

I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die. Still, I too wanted to be appreciated as a girl, so I would have to endure that.

"Why, Katsuragi! Why won't you tease me too?"

"Wh, what?"

"My breasts... you can touch them, just a little!"

"...Asuka, are you having a fever? You know, you're sure being weird!"

Katsuragi met me with cold eyes.

Th- that can't be... If not even this skimpy swimsuit would do the trick, then I was out of options.

Katsuragi just didn't harbor any interest in this body of mine.

"Come, I'll bring you to the sick room. It'd be best for you to take some

She took my hand with a strong grip. Whether I liked it or not, I was being dragged to the infirmary. There was nobody else in there. Discouraged, I lowered myself onto a bed.

"...I'm sorry, Katsuragi. I must have said some really weird things just now."

"Weird things... What's that? Tell me, what did you say?"

With my head still hanging down, I answered her with a sigh.

"My breasts... you can touch them, just a little!"

"Sorry? Could you say it once again?"

"My breasts, I said you can touch them!"

A big smile crept to her face as I was shouting out my "wish".

"Got it!"

Katsuragi fingers began to move in a crawling fashion.

"If you say it like that, Asuka... Then I shall do as you wish and massage your

Still staring at her dumbfounded, I asked her.

"...Wait. Could it be... Katsuragi, did you plan all this?"

"Sure. Seems like my plan worked out."

That Katsuragi. She was feinting indifference this whole time, just to get me to say "touch them" to her. I have never heard of such passionate and tenacious teasing.

"Ka- Katsuragi, hold on."

"I won't hold back. Who said she wanted to be touched?"


Such is the story of my first sexual encou... I mean, harassment. ***

And every since I said those words to her, Katsuragi has taken that as reason to touch my body without any hesitation.

* Last sentence added by me to introduce the word I will be using for "sexual harassment" from here on now. The original uses the shortened word "sek haras".
** race queen: A promotional model often found during certain kinds of motor racing. Usually skimpy outfit. Pit babe. Pit girl. Grid girl.
*** Lame joke added by me. The original just says "This was my first experience with sexual harrasement."
Having recently imported a 3DS, eagerly awaiting Senran Kagura.

User Info: Blutorange

6 years ago#3
As it's only posted as a picture on the official site, here's the digitalized version for all who are learning Japanese (for use it with rikaichan &c)
Having recently imported a 3DS, eagerly awaiting Senran Kagura.

User Info: wave1000

6 years ago#4
HOT! but where is the fighting and ninjas. They could have at least fought first.
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User Info: A7thSteve

6 years ago#5
Woaaah, respect. I'd encourage you to make an FAQ for the game once it comes out, but for the fact that most people outside of Japan aren't going to be able to play it because of region locking. Also I hope the actual game's story entails less creepy fan-fiction style writing and more like, clever stuff, hahaah.

@wave1000: Well technically it was a battle, of wits and psychological torture ahahah

User Info: Zacks_Fair

6 years ago#6
Why do I feel so dirty after reading that?
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User Info: RevOn_DX

6 years ago#7
Dead or Alive: Dimensions! Prepare for Busts, Ninjas, and Busty Ninjas
Samus WILL be in Dead or Alive 5 for Project Cafe! Bank on it!

User Info: Oni_Luigi

6 years ago#8
Thank you Blutorange! Silly entertaining stuff-almost makes me want to stop being intimated/lazy and learn Japanese.

User Info: Blutorange

6 years ago#9
New short story is out, this time about Yagyuu's wet (day?/night?) dreams... yeah, I hope the actual script in the game is less... like fan-fiction. And why are they calling it "novel"?
Having recently imported a 3DS, eagerly awaiting Senran Kagura.

User Info: DinsFire03

6 years ago#10
Thanks for the awesome translation!
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