New Game Plus?

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User Info: Turbospeedway

5 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there will be a new game plus after you beat the game? and if there are, what do you get to keep? Thanks

User Info: Tomiokomatsu

5 years ago#2
Yes, there is.

And you carry on everything but world/local shares.
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User Info: OshareKeiji

5 years ago#3
Two other details:

*Completed quests will reset.
*Shop additions made from item development will not carry over.

User Info: Turbospeedway

5 years ago#4
So does that mean i get to keep my levels as well? cool, that means i can just run through the game easier!

User Info: MasterLL

5 years ago#5
Pretty much Levels, Lily Status, Cash, Most Usable Items and Equipments are carried over.

Everything else: Quests Tracking, Item Creations, World & Local Shares are reset.

Also Event-Based skills (skills you don't gain from leveling) are NOT carried over since you can't use it until clearing certain special events.
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