Classic Hyper Sonic vs. Modern Super Sonic

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User Info: ImmaCloudStrife

5 years ago#1
Modern Sonic's gotten stronger over the years and he has chaos control so how would this match go?
Modern Sonic> Classic Sonic

User Info: Rawrman15

5 years ago#2
Hard to say, especially since Hyper Sonic isn't really canon since he never appeared in any other games(let alone friggin mentioned)
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User Info: FieraDevilWings

5 years ago#3
Honestly, it doesn't matter (don't start) - the young Classic Super Sonic is going to grow into that same, older powerful force that is Modern Super Sonic. That alone should be enough for a great match.
What I'd really want to see is Classic Sonic learning from his future battles - i.e. Modern Sonic vs. Shadow, learning the tips and tricks from there.
After all, he's seen doing the Air Dash in the ending - that's the sign of progress to Sonic's newfound abilities in Adventure/Sonic 4.
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User Info: Wario_man

5 years ago#4
If Hyper Sonic was stronger than Super Sonic back in the day than Hyper Sonic now would be stronger than the Super Sonic of now.

Classic Hyper vs current Super is a tough call though. I think it'd be a pretty close fight.
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