got some cash lying around.

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User Info: KrazytigerEX

5 years ago#1
gonna post my impressions when i buy this game on day one off steam.

User Info: noz3r0

5 years ago#2
I pre-ordered it and will be writing a guide for it. It seems incredibly interesting considering there isn't a lick of hype.
Contributor name: noz3r0
Currently writing a guide for: Risen, Risen 2, Confrontation

User Info: KrazytigerEX

5 years ago#3
Since Im only on the first stage i can tell you one thing.

Imagine the creators of blood bowl played dawn of war 2 and decided to fuse concepts from both games. Though it plays like dawn of war 2 not like BB.

There is no loot system but armor and weapons are handled through point progression and most of them have 2 weapon sets they can switch at a press of a button.

I.E dual wield swords/gun , Sword and banner/ Hammer and shield.

These points are contained within weapon racks and are pooled for the party meaning if you find 1 armor/1 weapon point you have to spend it wisely on one character instead of all characters gaining a point each.

User Info: KrazytigerEX

5 years ago#4
Ok second stage in it feels completely different.

The second stage feels more like something outta DA:O (strategic view) / Baldurs gate.

You come into a fight and your train of thought is like buff range, stun the big guy, silence the mage, buff the tank, watch out for adds/patrol (on hard the adds can be a pain) etc etc.

Every buff/debuff runs on a short duration with twice the cooldown so timing is key.

User Info: KrazytigerEX

5 years ago#5
Still in chapter one and i have like 10 characters already which can be hot switched at checkpoints lol. (party of 4)

Very original concept and makes room for some good party customization.

User Info: dezereks11

5 years ago#6
How do you like the combat, and what do you think of the difficulty? I loved Baldur's Gate and dragon age origins so it seems like this would be right up my alley.

User Info: Dead_Ted

5 years ago#7
can tanks draw aggro in this game? is it practical to play the tank/ dps/ healer type of formation?
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