Bauer Boost Pack

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User Info: mazonedog

6 years ago#1
Has anyone who preordered at GameStop had any issues with the Bauer Boost Pack? I put in the code and downloaded it, but I can't find any way to find it or apply it to my guy. Anyone have any tips?

User Info: nardinizzle

6 years ago#2
I preordered it also havent put in code yet though but if i figure something out youll be the first to know. to be honest i always start wth season mode sharpen the skills a bit

User Info: GRTooCool

6 years ago#3
You go to Hockey Shop (the place where you select the helmet, stick, glove, skate) and you should find the Bauer thing towards the end.
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User Info: Gen_Warbuff

6 years ago#4

Yup, in the hockey shop. It's only equipment from what I can find.

User Info: Chach33

6 years ago#5
the Bauer Pack is pretty useless if you ask me all you get is the same stick/glove/skate from last year and this year where they added flex to the sticks and how the skates actually effect your speed/agility the Bauer stuff doesnt give you that option

User Info: mazonedog

6 years ago#6
yeah, i just saw that. That stinks, I thought that it was a actual boost pack that I could use so my player wasn't so crappy when I'm first starting out. Oh well
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