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User Info: Thrasher17x

6 years ago#1

Am I the only one experiencing terrible framerate? The players are skipping around and the sound is buggy too. Really takes away from the fun and makes it almost unplayable.

User Info: Agent1CE

6 years ago#2
huh minor sound problems for me but that's all

User Info: HabsFanTom

6 years ago#3

I don't have this problem, that's weird, in which game mode?

User Info: Tj380

6 years ago#4
had that problem a few briet times in ultimate hockey team mode. it was laggy looking and i couldn't change lines as they weren't showing up on the screen because of the lframe rate being choppy.
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User Info: ReU_GanJa

6 years ago#5
Yeah the sounds are terrible in the demo, I really hope they fix it for release. The sounds are perfect in 11 I'm sure they'll get that right. I'm glad they took away the slow pass it had a lot of glitches and the over delayed slap shot that always happened. Those glitches drove me nuts! The goalies seem to kind of suck but they might be just dumb-ed down for demo. I'm still trying to get the moorings off the net!

User Info: InBloom

6 years ago#6
Hey, 360 user here. I experienced brief frame rate drop as well every once in a while. I can't remember which mode it was but I do believe it was after the play. I question whether its my system giving up or if it's technical issues with the demo...

User Info: Agent1CE

6 years ago#7
If you play in SD it's normal, I tried the demo in SD last night and it was barely playable, looked like a PS2 game o_O

User Info: Gmythe

6 years ago#8

i've been having frame raate issues too.

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