NHL 12 vs. NHL 11

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User Info: rahilshaikh

6 years ago#1
I'm at odds with myself as to what to do in the following situation. I don't have a lot of money, but I'd like to buy NHL 12. However, the cheapest I can find it for is $50. I've also checked out prices for NHL 11 and they're all around $30.

My question now is: is it worth the wait for NHL 12 to come down in price (say, below $40), and buy it then, or should I just settle on NHL 11? Are the differences in the games huge enough for me to wait (i.e. is NHL 12 that much better than NHL 11)? Mind you, I've only played the NHL 12 demo, I haven't bought/played an NHL game in a long time (even though I'm a huge hockey fan).

User Info: BlackDevil99

6 years ago#2

i would say nhl 12 is worth waiting for, definitly a large improvement on 11

User Info: NyStyle

6 years ago#3
if you're a hardcore hockey fan nhl 12 is the way to go. they made small improvements that make the game feel even more like real hockey. the succeed in this game you have to think and react like a hockey player. im using strategies my coaches used to teach us to play this game. im blown away by it.

User Info: Kangermu

6 years ago#4
From what I've read, NHL tends to have good deals (US$40) around xmas....if you care about hockey a lot and really want a better experience, wait for 12. If not, just snag 11.
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User Info: KingScott

6 years ago#5
Try Blockbuster. My buddy got it for 40% off since the store was closing.
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User Info: opinion_invalid

6 years ago#6
the physics engine alone is worth it.
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User Info: MGV1

6 years ago#7
This game sucks right now. I think you should wait until Christmas, hopefully a few patches are made by then and the 11 vs 12 comparison can be fairly made.

User Info: Kangermu

6 years ago#8
Apparently all the problems center around eashl games. I've played 25 or so online vs games with absolutely no issues.
Granted, I know very little about sex, but this really confuses me. Typical_SW_Fan
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User Info: EssensEofScythE

6 years ago#9
This is kinda off topic but If I add funds to my Master Account and buy some HUT packs will I be able to get the same packs on the Sub Account too?

User Info: nandshein

6 years ago#10
I almost skipped 12(see my other post) and I'm so glad I didn't. Can't put my finger on it but like the other guy said, you have to use real strategies and it feels great to swing the puck around the zone and maneuver for a shot. Big difference, I'll never play 11 again. I'd skip eating out a few times and buy 12 now.
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