Jabberwock on Royal Rage?

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User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#1
Does anyone know how to dodge his attacks? No matter where I run or jump, I'm dead within moments. Can't even get to attack it properly.

User Info: xSilentKhaosx

6 years ago#2
Did you try circling Griffin? That worked pretty well for me. I'd unload all my energy with the staff, then circle Griffin, keeping Jabberwock in sight and listening for the health crystals to spawn and go get em. I also sorta abused the save system..hehe?

User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#3
Oh, sorry, I forgot to come back and report I beat it.

Circling the griffon doesn't help while it's still in the air. What I did and what helped a lot was to circle the "arena" on its brim, so I was moving in a really large .. well, circle.^^ It never hit me once then and I could unload the rod into it.

You have to be careful about not falling down off the platform though, but since it's very regular, that isn't much of an issue.

User Info: Rei_Gainsbough

6 years ago#4
I just had the Jabberwock kill himself. got frustrated as all hell trying to beat him, so on my 20th or so reload, and after looking for advice on how to kill him, I started to fight again, unloaded the staff into him and saved, Once it came back from the save I went for the meta-essance and he dropped down to land, he missed the platform, hit the lava and died. Certainly not complaining due to how frustrated I was, but certainly wasn't expecting it.
"Give a guy a break and you'll end up broken!" - Lina Inverse

User Info: moss 022

moss 022
6 years ago#5
thanks this was rather helpful although using the blunderbuss seems easier then using the staff
psn: moss022
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