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User Info: Strider_Yoshi

5 years ago#1
Anyone else finding rebounds a lot harder to get this year? It was way too easy to get rebounds in NBA 2k11, my PG led the league in total rebounds in that game, but it looks like they went the other direction this year. I feel like Bargnani out there sometimes, just had a game where I grabbed 1 rebound lol. Playing a face-up center that floats around the perimeter doesn't help either.
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User Info: NYGFan2008

5 years ago#2
PGs shouldn't be the primary rebounders on the team.
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User Info: muaythaifighter

5 years ago#3
My guy is average at rebounding, but that's largely because he's only 6,6, shooting gaurd. If i time it right i can get some of them, but if a bigger guy is there they usually get it

User Info: Emporer_Kazbar

5 years ago#4
I have an easy time getting 4-7 rebounds, but any more is usually luck on my part. The highest I've gotten with any of my My Player characters was 11, and that was with my 7'2 guy.
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User Info: Pjetrov

5 years ago#5
Just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it. I had my first double double in my 15th game or so and now I average about 15rb a game. Timing is much more Important, dont just jump when the ball hits the rim. It helps that I'm 7'2 though;).
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User Info: fuzzynutz_usa

5 years ago#6
This was one of my biggest frustrations at the start of my My Player career. I built a "rebounding" Center, 7'2" 260 lbs. I couldn't get a rebound to save my grill. Anyway, I learned some tricks that help immensely, and now I am getting about 16 RB/g, highest of 22 in a game. **I play 9 minute quarters so I am giving you totals as if it were a 12 minute game**. Anyway, some tips.

First, the stats. Max the following around this order:
Off Rebounding
Def Rebounding
Off/Def Awareness *not completely sure on this impact*

Now, these stats are important, but they don't mean jack squat if you don't get position. Position is the most important thing over anything else. If you get boxed out for an Offensive rebound, forget it, and move on, you will almost NEVER get around the magnet butts, the nice thing, the same applies on the Defensive side. BOX out on Defense when you know a shot is coming and there is a defender who might potentially come to grab it. That doesn't mean box out randomly, get in front of the guy that might be coming to grab it, you can even box out someone if they already have position on you, IF you do it in time. ***Players going for an offensive rebound can not box you out***

So run up with one foot in front and hold your Clutch button.

If you want to get offensive rebounds you need to start moving under the basket, DIRECTLY UNDER THE BASKET, when you think a shot is about to come from one of your teammates, you can do this if you are a post player who was posted up by tapping your Clutch button a couple times and moving your Left Stick to a side you want to Roll out too, this will give you A CHANCE of not getting boxed out if you can get under the basket. Another way to get under the basket if you know a shot is going to come soon (like the shot clock expiring) is to just run out of bounds along the baseline to get under the basket.

Now, remember, these don't work every time, AND THEY SHOULDNT, but you will get more rebounds.

These are just my tips, and I haven't found many online during my searches, I have never once gotten a putback dunk and rarely ever get an offensive rebound by just coming up from outside and grabbing, I am usually boxed out or another player has position already, but it does happen on occasion. Also, there is timing your jump as well but that is more of a feel thing for your player depending on his stats and how he jumps, you will figure that out as you go.

Anyone else have some tips, unlike the scrubs above who just say "keep practicing"?

User Info: fuzzynutz_usa

5 years ago#7
Some clarification, i dont mean stand right under the hoop, you have a bit of leeway, but you dont want to be jumping and the the basket and backboard smack you down. You have a little room to move around, but the defense cant box you out towards the basket, it just wouldn't make sense anyway if they tried.

Some more tips, once you start pulling down some offensive rebounds, make sure you get your standing dunk up for some thunderous dunks right under the basket. Also pump fake once or twice if you find you are getting blocked when going back up. You will start picking up fouls as well so getting your free throws up will add even more potential to your game.

User Info: Strider_Yoshi

5 years ago#8
Thanks for the tips. Rebounding has improved, gotten at least 7+ for the last few games. I've found the biggest adjustment I've had to make is my jump timing. In 2K11, I jumped as soon as the ball bounced off the rim, but for this game I have to wait for the ball to drop down before jumping for long shots. The CPU also does a lot better job of boxing out in comparison to last year's game, so I'm paying more attention to grabbing position than before.
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