My Player Frustrations

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User Info: col237

5 years ago#1
My guy is a 6'7 all around SG on the Jazz and Im having a hell of a time playing this mode. Im averaging like 6/1/1, I can't do anything offensively except making random mid range jumpers, I cant drive to the hoop cuz I lose the ball every time, I rarely get assists because the AIs just stand there and miss easy shots all the time. When I set screens, move around, and all that, I never get the ball so I get the odd game where my stat line is like 0/0/1 with 3-4 turnovers and I actually lose skill points at the end of the game because of that.

My playing time is also very limited, will increasing the quarter length from 5 minutes help with that?

What can I do to improve my play?

User Info: thedennis432

5 years ago#2
I would definitely suggest going to 12 minute quarters. You're doing yourself a disservice by playing only 5 minute quarters. You want to maximize your playing time. You're not playing the entire game anyway so the game still goes by quickly as long as you simulate to your next appearance. Also mKe sure you turn on the shot feedback and shot release options. That way you know when you are taking good shots and to know you are releasing the ball at the right time.

I have a 6'7" shooting SF on the Jazz as well. My problem starting out was that Harris was such a ball hog. My production went up when he got traded away. I was glad to see him go. Also there is a thread somewhere on here full of MyPlayer tips. Take the time to read that. There is a lot of useful information in there.

My last tip is just don't let it get you frustrated. The more you play the better you'll get. Then you'll start getting more skill points and start beefing up your guy.
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User Info: DlCKJUSTlCE

5 years ago#3
I only play 9min qtrs because I'm lazy but you need to focus on not doing things out of your skill set. Don't try to drive if you have a bad ball security. Focus on 3pt or mid range shooting because you tend to get good looks from those spots. Get your consistency up so you can get out of your slumps easier and most of all, GET A HIGH TEAMMATE GRADE. Turnovers and bad plays mess that up and that will get you tons of points. An A+ grade is worth a 1000sp which is way more than you'll earn scoring.

User Info: jbodre23

5 years ago#4
You have to play 12 min quarters period!
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User Info: LegalEagle80

5 years ago#5
Yeah, I agree on the 12 minute quarters. The games aren't too long.

I'd also advise patience because My Player is the most challenging in the beginning when you're awful. As you get better you'll start getting more points, which makes you better in games, which gets you more points to spend.

Do the little things now, like set good screens, box out, fill lanes correctly, make good passes, take good, open shots (even if you miss). If you average 6 points to start that's fine. Increase your attributes like on-ball defense (or you'll constantly get torched by who you're covering and get a lower teammate grade).

Do the dribble course drill over and over (it's by far the easiest to get a Gold rank on), but save between each one in case you mess up. Once you do it a few times you'll be able to get Gold consistently, which gives you a free point in either speed, quickness, off-hand dribbling, ball control, layup, stamina, etc. Those definitely add up over time, considering getting +1 in speed will cost you well over 1,000 SP if you bought it yourself.

User Info: XPunkXManX

5 years ago#6
12 min. Quarters are a must for me.

But anyways with your problems try to play the game smart and not do to much to just try to get a decent grade, and use those skill points on Ball Security so you don't loose the ball while driving it. Also when you get that ball security up trying raising mid range so then you don't have to do very much by try and get open so Devin "Ball Hog" Harris will pass you the ball.

Also if you not liking your team just ask for a trade to a team that really need the position you are, it could help a little bit. Also raise that Teamate Chemistry up to make it so they will pass you the ball more.

User Info: Who_Dat504

5 years ago#7
I play 12 min Q that helps out alot, also call for a screen that helps you get open for a shot.
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User Info: iwantu23

5 years ago#8
Turn on Play Vision & CPU run plays in the options menu.

Then turn your camera to 2k view.

Save those settings.

Now start up a game; and work your role in the plays. You will always have some called for you, and if you get open during the play just call for the ball.

It's extremely difficult to just start off at a 60 rating and not use the CPU plays, as your player isn't very good.

Once you get around a 70 or so rating, you can go back and turn run plays off; but it's quite nice until then.

User Info: col237

5 years ago#9
Thank you all for the helpful tips, doing some of those things mentioned is definitely helping my game so far.

User Info: josefrees

5 years ago#10
Yeah turn up quarters to 12. I started at 5, then 7, and now 12. Gives you a chance of realistic stats.

Also, I'd advise you to pick a skill and get it high enough so you can do something and get some points.

#1 thing is teammate rating.

Consider turning on AI play calls as well. The plays will usually put you in a good position.
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