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Why can't my My Player make wide open 3's when he has a 99 rating at 3PT?

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  3. Why can't my My Player make wide open 3's when he has a 99 rating at 3PT?

User Info: Odenpeth

4 years ago#1
It seems like I use to make almost every wide open three when I was rated in the lower 90's, but now that I'm 99 I just can't make anything.

I turned on the shot feedback even to make sure I was releasing at the right time and it'll show up in the green and say it was an A+ shot and I still brick them. I'll go like 1/8 from's pretty ridiculous.

I never take contested three's either, its usually on a fast break when I get wide open, or I'll get open off of a screen. But they just won't go in. It seems like the game is even taunting me, sometimes the ball will spin around inside the rim, hit the net, and then fly out of the hoop and I miss it.

It just pisses me off when no name players are making shots Michael Jordan couldn't even pull off. Reggie Williams sinking turn around fade aways with three people defending him when I can't even make a wide open shot.

Any tips on what I could be doing wrong? Are there other attributes that affect shot accuracy?

User Info: stapesisgod

4 years ago#2
it seems like its the computers way of keeping the game close...i know on my end, id DEMOLISH the computer if they didnt make those ridiculous 3's and shoot better than 50% from behind the line

User Info: SK8T3R215

4 years ago#3
Set your feet if you have time to take the shot. Don't just catch and immediately shoot if you are catching the ball after running full speed and curling to the line. Think of shooting IRL, doing that is pretty hard compared to catching the ball going towards the hoop, then going up for the shot.

Release the shot when the "blue indicator" in the circle below your player flashes. Try to get the timing down in practice mode. I shoot over 40% from three and I have a 99 rating. You will miss some, but if you release it properly and make sure you set your feet you will do well.

Also what are you shooting for the year? Even good three point shooters have poor shooting games.
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User Info: Odenpeth

4 years ago#4
I think he's averaging a .435% from the three this year so far. I do however simulate to mostly just the key games because I play on 11 minute quarters and want don't want to spend a year playing one season lol.

They must just randomly make you have poor shooting nights or something, or make you go cold if you miss a couple shots. There were times when I would miss like 10 shots in a row, not just three's. He's a 77 overall, so maybe I should up some of his other stats. Would strength have anything to do with it maybe?

I also try to set my feet and wait for the blue indicator. So not sure what was up. Last night though I played a game and shot pretty well, so must just be some games you play like crap just like in real life.

It just sucks when I can't hit anything because I usually have to score 40 points or more in order for us to win a game. My teammates never do anything. I have played for the Pacers, Cavaliers (with Chris Paul), Celtics (won the championship and Finals MVP with them though after Allen retired), and now for the Bulls and my teammates still can't do anything.

Whenever I throw it to a wide open teammate like Deng or Rose they'll pass up the open shot, and dribble it around until a defender gets on them. Then they'll try to throw up some circus shot and make it maybe 25% of the time...the computer team however will do that same shot and make it 75% of the time.

I blow teams out by 20 or 30 easily on Association mode, but every game I play on My Player is a tight game. Maybe when I get like an overall of around 85 or so it might go quicker.

User Info: SK8T3R215

4 years ago#5
That's a good %, especially if you are taking 3+ threes a game. You will have poor shooting nights, Ray Allen has shot 0 for 8+ at times in his career. Try raising consistency and practice your release in practice mode so you can tell the right time to release it.

Also try to find teammates who will take the open shots and look for them more. I am on the Thunder and just broke the franchise assist record with 26 one game. I found that Chris Douglas-Roberts will NEVER shoot a three, even though he is a 78 in threes. Cook and Robinson will ALWAYS shoot a three if they have any space. Durant and Harden will shoot when open, and drive when covered. Try to find big men inside where they can go up quickly after the pass.
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User Info: josefrees

4 years ago#6
You aren't going to make every shot. Someone did some tests with Dirk. At 99 mid range Dirk makes 7/10 shots. At least on simulation (I think).

Consider upping you consistency and try to be on hot streaks as often as possible.

And .435 isn't bad. If you are in your first year remember that it would be higher than that if you were 99 from the start.
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User Info: TheJester2

4 years ago#7
Up consistency, offensive clutch, shoot off the dribble, stamina, etc.

.400+ is pretty darn good anyways, but try focusing on some mental stats as well.
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User Info: Odenpeth

4 years ago#8
Thanks for the tips. I've been shooting a little better as of late. I think I must not have been getting my shot off right. Although the other night I went like 3/10 from 3 PT range with mostly open three's. I try to not take any three's with a defender near me.

I just cannot get over the frustrating teammate A.I. I throw it down low to Boozer or Noah and they always dribble it back out to the three point line. They never back up against a defender in the post...maybe like once a game if that. Last night playing the Warriors, Curry was blocking Noah in the paint...yeah.

Nick Batum is the only player on the Bulls that will take the wide open shot when I pass it to him. Everyone else dribbles it around and waits until a defender or two gets on them then takes the shot. Or they'll pass it to me with two or three seconds left on the shot clock and I have to throw up a prayer. Gets pretty frustrating.

I wish there was a way to adjust the sliders in My Player. Oh well, I guess it adds to the realism, since you can't win them all. And I guess I always complained about how easy Association Mode was and wanted a challenge.

User Info: CM101Play

4 years ago#9
It may have been that patch. I never get online so I won't get it and I drain contested threes over Dwight Howard. (I'm a PG, I don't know why he was on me in the perimeter.)
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User Info: Odenpeth

4 years ago#10
Hmm...I never play online either. Don't have Gold at the moment. So should I just delete my cache and play it without the patch? Or does it fix some other necessary things that will f*** my game up without the patch? lol.
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  3. Why can't my My Player make wide open 3's when he has a 99 rating at 3PT?

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