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User Info: Montgomery14

6 years ago#1
A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the mode, so I think this topic may help.

- After some fiddling around, I found a created jumper that's really easy in terms of timing, it's got Release 73, and Base 25, it feels like Carmelo's 2k11 shot.

- For wing players, invest heavily in Mid Range Jumper.

- Scoring/Slashing wings seem to be the way to go this year

Keep on posting some basic tips folks.
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User Info: CMJoker

6 years ago#2
- Shot in Traffic is a must for people playing on the inside

- Call for a double team when guarding superstars or scorers early on. This might give up a score elsewhere, but you'll save your grade.

- Created you player, get drafted and then turn off autosave. After that, Play one game with play calling on and one with it off. This will let you how you might fair in both early on.
-- Personally, being a bench player at first makes playing with playcalling harder because I'm not getting shots. Playing with it off and being able to freely roam is better. I'll likely turn in one when get my minutes up.

I need this so I can post messages in all caps.

User Info: king0fny0731

6 years ago#3
tc thank you soo much for that realese i freakin love you man

User Info: Montgomery14

6 years ago#4
^ No problem man, that's the point of the topic, to make sure everyone has a fighting chance in myplayer lol

Some more tips...

- One tactic that seems to pay dividens as a wing player is driving at full sprint at the basket, and then quickly doing a step back (L-trigger + Right stick back). This leaves you with an open midrange jumper roughly 85% of the time.

- focus on attributes (eg: "Layup") as opposed to adding points to dribble/post moves (eg: "Cross-over") in the early parts of the game, remember, having a "good" rating for crossover will only be effective if you have your off hand dribble and ball security ratings at respectable levels.

- once you start getting respectable skill points, put a point into quickness every 3rd game or so until you find it easier to blow by defenders at your position. This helps big time.

We need some bigman tips lol
The funny thing about being left out in the cold is you get used to the temperature. - Billy Corgan

User Info: djinni204

6 years ago#5
Im a fan of jumper 69 base 24 myself. It's for people who prefer a very small hold at the top.
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User Info: spacemonkey_n34

6 years ago#6
Same thing as last year, boost STAMINA first. No point being on the court if you're dead tired.

Bargnani's release+jump combo (available from the start) seems to make it very easy to get perfect releases, so try that.

User Info: wesjackson23

6 years ago#7
darksepperoths seed posted...
We need some bigman tips lol

Get a really hard piece of leather to bite down on to help fight the frustration

Seriously though go into training camp and learn how to do all of the post moves, then from there dump skill points into your vertical, dunk, and standing dunk
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User Info: OldNo7gamer

6 years ago#8
request sticky
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User Info: eyezlikethesun

6 years ago#9
turn off auto save and make sure you get gold in the drills. The easiest one (for me any ways ) is around the world. Just contest the shot and quickly get back for rebound.

User Info: devilupsteve

6 years ago#10
I've found release 33 and base 8 fairly solid (for me anyway). It's the closest I could come to the "springs" jumper of last year, my personal favorite. Anyone know of a combo that's closer (to "springs" that is)?
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