Why do my rookies all have black arms?

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  3. Why do my rookies all have black arms?

User Info: Mumble_

5 years ago#1
Like literally black so all you trolls getting ready to say something about their race can get out.

Anyways, they used to have normal arms. I literally cannot play the game with rookies now. The arms ruin the whole feel of the game.
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User Info: josefrees

5 years ago#2
Too much time in the tanning booth.
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User Info: Landonio

5 years ago#3

But I've noticed something that's not really a complete fix but a workaround. Download the latest 2K roster as well as latest patch. In the bottom right corner, if the game ever says "saving content", then whenever you try to play a game with rookies or check a rookie under Manage Roster, then he will have the black arms. However, if you wait out the "saving content" message until it's gone, and then go check (edit) a rookie, then he should be back to normal. This worked for me. This is on 360, btw, too.
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User Info: alecp66

5 years ago#4
A patch came out a few months ago that fixed this on the PS3. Not sure about Xbox though. It was ridiculous...Klay Thompson had dark arms which was just creepy.
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  3. Why do my rookies all have black arms?

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