Other monster teams joinin forces in my player

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User Info: phdorman28

5 years ago#1
in my player.. the 76ers traded elton brand and a 1st rounder for duncan and a 2nd rounder
and lou williams n a 2nd rounder got traded for nash.. now they have nash, iggy, duncan,

pacers got ginobili for darren collison and 2nd rounder..
magic traded glen davis for scola..
hawks traded josh smith to mavericks

User Info: Kyarisu

5 years ago#2
In My Player my Center (rated 91) just got traded to the Pacers for Paul George and some other dude in his third year. Our team is ridiculous!

PG - Chris Paul
SG- Andre Iguodala
SF - Danny Granger
PF - Roy Hibbert
C - My Player (91)

We're currently like 38-4 or something. I've never seen such a dominant team in this game mode.

User Info: iDevon

5 years ago#3
Dwight Howard went to the Nets in mines and they kept all of their starters (except Lopez).

C - D12
PF - Humphries
SF - Wallace
SG - Brooks
PG - D-Will
We talkin' 'bout practice?!?!?

User Info: ninplayer

5 years ago#4
im on the miami heat

we're 29-4.

the end/

User Info: CrypticSoul

5 years ago#5
my center played with nash on PHX we were traded for andrew bynum

1/12/05, 112, &counting

User Info: UnrealRage

5 years ago#6
LCrypticSoul posted...
my center played with nash on PHX we were traded for andrew bynum


Lol, you're basically Dwight in the current roster being traded with Nashy, thats pretty funny.
@UnrealRage You made your account on my birthday. You must be Jesus. SCMajesty. UnrealRage http://www.last.fm/user/UnrealRage PSN: UnrealRage72

User Info: phdorman28

5 years ago#7
lol nice on going to the lakers with nash.. and cp3 with granger, iggy and hibbert at the 4 crazy..
i was drafted the wizards and they suck and didnt feel like letting john wall run my O with bums around.. i got traded to the lakers for jason kapono and a 1st rounder.. so its fisher kobe pau and bynum with me at the 3.. still got metta world peace and barnes.. kobe runs point alot.. im in the 2nd round of my rookie year.. i played on 8 mins for the season to get it through quick and averaged 26 pts.. 6 boards and assist.. 1.8 steals and 1.5 blocks.. won the mvp.. best record and kobe and gasol both avg over 20 points with bynum at 16.. i got traded to them with kobe hurt at the time.. they were like 4-16.. kobe was out for another month when i got there.. ended up having a 57-25 record.. all we need is a point guard and team would be crazy.. playing 12 mins for the playoffs.. now i avg 41 points 14 boards 13 assist 6 steals and 3 blocks.. im 78 overall.. mainly put up my defense.. dunk 3s and everything inside.. with consistency and clutch at 99..

User Info: niceboy23

5 years ago#8
My rookie is with current roster of the Golden State Warriors and we're 22-3. The whole team now has over 60 PER and overall stats are still on the rise.
I was thinking about making a PG and going to the heat to see what that damage is like.

User Info: phdorman28

5 years ago#9
yeh I was thinking about making a point guard and going to the heat or a center.. im about to finish my first season.. just made it to the finals after beating the thunder 4-2.. my guy is a SF so durant got open alot and my handles are weak.. i played the first game against the heat and all they did was steal the ball from me when i tried to dribble/drive.. now i just let kobe run the O n set screens but my 3s are at 95 now.. probably going to just play it till 2k13 comes out...
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