Any way to choose the team you want to go to in My Player?

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User Info: JWG324

6 years ago#1

I dont wanna freaking play for the Bucks or Warriors or Suns. It seems is always those teams that are interested in you...

User Info: FishBelly13

6 years ago#2
Have you tried telling them you don't want to play for them?

User Info: scm60

6 years ago#3
Don't think you can choose. I got drafted by the Hornets, simmed through my 2 years pretty quickly (played maybe a total of a dozen games), went free agent and got picked up by the Oklahoma Thunder. Just started my 3rd year (1st with OK) as a SG. We're 7-0, I'm starting, averaging 22.5 pts a game and having fun. So, basically, you have to play the system and have a little luck, I guess.
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User Info: dboe313

6 years ago#4
lol skipping seasons defeats the whole mode defeats the whole mode you

you can always suck in the showcase and try to go late
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User Info: rowgue34

6 years ago#5
You can request a trade after playing 5 games. You can pick the team you want to get traded to, and the cpu will always make it happen.

And I know some people will say, but I don't want to wreck the roster, I wanted to play with the guys already on the team. But the truth of the matter is the cpu will do so many crazy trades that the team will be unrecognizable by the end of the first season anyway.

User Info: MiNuSxMuZiK

6 years ago#6
No you can't pick...but I suggest going to whatever team picks you to start off with...then as you get better...just sign to the team you want in free agency...the problem with asking for trades is your not 100% going to get traded to the teams you say your a PG and want to get traded to the Magic to run with Howard...what if they trade Howard in the deal while trading for you?...I'm a PG and I got traded by the I don't plan on staying there full term as of now...but on my last My Player I was a SF on the Jazz and got bored fast cause I wanted to have control of the ball and pass...but they made traded for Arenas and James Harden within 13 games before I the team was slowly turning might star out on a trash team but they might make a big trade somewhere and you'll wanna stay...
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User Info: IntoTheN1ght

6 years ago#7
When you start the game dont you chose a "Favorite Team"? I picked the Knicks because i thought that would help my chances since i wanted to play there. Lo and behold the NY Knicks came and even mentioned that they knew i was a "fan" in their interview thing. The other 2 teams were Philly and the Warriors.

If that does not work, then simply reload the save after your rookie match, does that show new teams or not? If not, well....replay the rookie game, that even entails remaking your character again.

Overall it sucks, i understand they wanted realism, but if i am going to invest 50-100 hours into My Player (which i did last year) then i want to play for the team i want to play for. Nobody wants to waste time playing for a team they dont like
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  3. Any way to choose the team you want to go to in My Player?

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