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Brooklyn Nets new court?

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User Info: Spring Rubber

Spring Rubber
6 years ago#1

How does one access this? Is it once you get to the 2012-2013 season?

Too bad there's no way to select where you play in Quick Game mode.
Dale Sveum - Because the Cubs like bald managers but wanted someone who looks better than Quade.

User Info: cinimodgd

6 years ago#2
LOL. on the first posession, Chauncy Billups blocks Kris Humphries fadeaway on the low post. HUGE part of the reason I no longer play 2K12. Sorry I didn't have anything helpful for your topic man, just an observation.

The court was dope though.
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User Info: collegeguyUCI

6 years ago#3
it's a pc mod. you cannot do this on the consoles.
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